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For the first time in a while I feel completely at peace with myself.

Some of it was myself finally coming to a conclusion of what to do. Most of it though, was the incredible support system that I have on my side.

My wife’s support speaks for itself. We’ve been through so much together and have risen from what could be considered hard times into the success that we are today. 4 years deep with great communication and no fights on the record speaks for itself.  We’ve conquered medical problems, financial problems and even spiritual problems that haunted our pasts. She’s always been supportive of me no matter what size I am and has been 100% with me on every surgical decision flip flop, anxiety attack or victory I’ve had in regard to my weight loss. In a nutshell, she is my heart and soul, pride and joy and the apple of my eye!

The bottom line: My wife is awesome.

This week has been full of positive signs & vibes. It’s an amazing feeling when you have assurance that you are not alone in your situation on a direct level. By direct, I mean people in your life who have gone through what you are going through.

Of course, I’ve never felt completely alone in that regard.  My friend Andrea has also been there for me for YEARS. She’s gone through the procedure a little over a year ago and she’s down over 100 pounds. (100 pounds lost would have me quite BEASTLY) She’s also been my routine go-to in regard to information about it. Always super helpful and to the point. She gives it to me without sugar coating or anything. To her credit though, she’s always like that with EVERYTHING which is why I love her so much!

This week I found out another one of my good friend ALSO had the procedure done, but just over a month ago. She’s down 24 pounds and is really happy with her decision. Her story put me at complete ease. We’d gone through the struggle a little more intimately. Since we met we’ve both had similar struggles. We’d gone up and down on weight year in, year out. We’ve done the fad diets, the gym buddy thing, the clean eating and numerous attempts at “lifestyle changes” but it’s always met with some kind of failure. She maintains a household with kids; time to work out and eat well is hard. Definitely understandable. As for me, I have no kids and make time to work out and eat well but my body outright rejects sustained physical activity.

The other thing is that both of us have the gift of superior culinary acumen. What Chef do you know that doesn’t like to eat? I tell you, food addiction is a bitch to overcome. I hadn’t talked to her in a few months before this past week but when I found out via Instagram post, I was absolutely amazed. I was happy for her making the decision and I JUST KNEW she understood where I was coming from as we’ve shared stories about out situations in the past.

That is when the 50/50 chance became 100%. As I noted in my last entry, I called the doctor and requested my psyche-evaluation yesterday, which is the last major step before scheduling. I also took the steps to secure a personal loan to complete the financial payoff portion of the deal. 0% interest rate if paid off within one year is a dope ass deal.  The first payment is also differed for 90 days. Beats dropping payments while healing up, any day.

All in all, my deal is buttoned up tight now. I have to still get a letter from my primary doctor and do routine pre-op blood tests and x-rays done but those are only formalities. Just have to wait for the call back on the evaluation date and things will fall in place shortly thereafter. I’m shooting for the third week of November as a potential timeframe for everything to go down. I’ll likely slow down on blogging for a little bit but I plan on updating everyone with my status. The juicy parts of my experience however will be going into my second book, which documents everything leading up to the event and everything following for the first full year. I fully expect to go to publishing by November in 2017.

Oh, I just can’t wait to be KING!

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