Health Update (Not Today), Lists Galore & #ShamelessPlugCity

Hello, October!

This means a few things. Cubs Playoff Baseball – 103 wins for best in the league this year. Hockey season – Your Chicago Blackhawks look to get back to the Stanley Cup. Let’s not forget the highlight of my sports fandom, the NBA and my Chicago Bulls.

I’m just chomping at the bit to see how the new look squad turns out for us this year. From what’s being reported at the team’s training camp, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo are already making their leadership voices heard. They both say its Jimmy’s team but quite honestly I’m cool with Jimmy just shutting up, listening to the champions and playing his game. The leadership role will come naturally. His primary focus needs to be performing at a consistent level, night in and night out. In other words, I’m looking for 25 PPG out of Jimmy this year. As in, 25 PPG EVERY NIGHT. When Jimmy does that and doesn’t allow his offense to bog down his defensive efforts, he can consider himself a leader by default and not just by paycheck.

Damn shame we couldn’t have gotten Wade three years ago. Imagine the direct effect he’d have on a Rose and Butler if he got the chance. But anyway, Rose is a Knick now… this is what we have. This is what will roll with.

If the Bulls play anywhere near the way I run them on 2K17, they are going to be beastly in the East. I don’t see how they wouldn’t be in the top four conversation for the conference. I would say only Cleveland, Boston, Indianapolis and Toronto would also be up there. The rest of the East is a crap shoot.

Either way, I can’t wait. In the next few days or so I’ll have some real Showtoriously Healthy stuff up, I promise.

  • Expect a “FIT LIST” – Things I plan on doing post operation.
  • A “FAT LIST” – A bucket list of bad shit I plan on eating/drinking prior to my sleeve surgery. [I’m going to miss you, beer.]
  • The Turmeric Soup Debacle – The reason I’ll NEVER be a Vegan. Pre OR post op.
  • I’ll have an update in regard to my progress. I had my psyche evaluation this past Friday. One step closer to the big day!

All that is going down on one or more entries. I have no idea of the order in which I’ll present that material but figure the update will take priority, followed by the soup story and then the FAT LIST/FIT LIST, which may end up in the same posting.

Expect a #AllPumpkinEverything blog soon, too. I started to add the often-used hashtag content to this post but I’ve already saturated this one with enough goodness, I think.

Seriously, the Cubs start the playoffs this week as the top seed. How cool is that?


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