Shower Day!

Today is day 3, post operation: Shower Day.

I haven’t taken a good shower since 5am on surgery day, per doctor’s orders. I don’t think smell bad but I FEEL like stale urine and bed sweat. In fact as soon as I write this blog, I’m headed upstairs to handle business.

This morning I’m feeling decent. I used my medication just once last night and managed to stay mostly pain free while in bed. I also woke up with a slight hint of hunger which is the first time I felt hungry since the surgery.

My middle of the night water drinking was also generally painless. This morning, I’m going to get protein in first thing, so I don’t get full on water. If successful, perhaps I can get down 60 grams and a little over 200 calories today.

I got close yesterday, but couldn’t finish the ounce Premier Protein that I was working with. I may have got through half of it. I am going to try a new flavor of IsoPure if I can this afternoon. I tried the coconut one on day one and nearly threw it back up; a bit too sweet so far. I’ll revisit that one later.

My incisions are healing nicely, albeit itchy and my energy is looking good. Today I can officially say the worst has passed!



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