The First Mistake/The Real MVP

Feeling a bit stir crazy yesterday afternoon, I decided to ride along with my wife to the grocery store to pick up a few items. I’d been successful on my many short walks through the hospital and at home, so why not attempt a quick stroll through the local Walmart?

With that move, I made my first mistake. A couple things. In the hospital, you’re hooked to a IV keeping you decent as far a hydration goes. At home, though a trek around your living room 10 times seems like a nice workout post operation, it really isn’t much.

When we got to the store, I felt fine for about 5 minutes. I suddenly felt weak and my heart began to race. I could also feel my new-and-improved stomach slightly throbbing. I had to sit down a couple times while in the store. My wife grabbed a cold water for me to drink, which ultimately straightened me out.

When the doctor tells you that the likelihood of dehydration is great, LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR. Not that I didn’t listen or anything, as I continue my hydration practices at home but for that short time away from the house and not taking that  4 ounces down prior to becoming active truly became detrimental to how I was feeling that afternoon.

Everything is normal so far today, which is Day 4, post operation. Sleeping is a task for me as I’m used to sleeping on my stomach. Its not very comfortable resuming my usual position quite yet, so the couch has been my friend since returning home on Thursday.

Last night was also the first overnight experience that did not require pain medication. This tells me I’m healing up properly. The incisions itch a bit but that has to be expected with any healing wound.

Today’s goal to to actually finish one of my 11 oz Premier Protein drinks and to finish the IsoPure that I started yesterday morning. Stage 2 has been good to me so far, I think. I can’t wait to get to stage three though, when I can make soft eggs and actual nutrient dense puree recipes.

Oh — and let me say this. People who get this surgery and go back to work after three days of recovery, even at a desk job. YOU are the real MVP; more power to you! Shoot, my energy isn’t even close to where it needs to be to power through a 9 hour shift, even if its mostly behind a desk. To think, I originally wanted to make my return tomorrow on day 5. I’m glad my doctor killed all that noise and forced me out of action for 7 days. My return is currently scheduled for Thursday, which is day 8 on the road to recovery.




2 thoughts on “The First Mistake/The Real MVP

  1. You don’t want to rush your recovery. Take it slow and try to relax. I took 6 weeks off, I can’t imagine 7 days. Every body is truly different, I hope you can tolerate eggs, I can’t anymore. As far as sleeping, same went for me, the sofa. In bed it helps to get a body pillow or two so you won’t hit the ceiling when you roll over on those incisions.

    1. Yes!!! A body pillow sounds like a winner. Funny my wife suggested it when we were doing our prep shopping and I turned it down. I can understand the benefits now. On the eggs it would hurt my soul if I can’t eat my signature omelette dishes.

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