Hey, Keto Breath!

This is Day 6, post operation.

Today I woke up a bit dehydrated despite setting record highs for each of the past three days in water consumption. Made a note to myself to try to drink in the middle of the night during the couple times my slumber is broken. Perhaps that would help the cause.

Yesterday I was able to get out with my wife for a couple hours. I didn’t walk much or anything but we made it to the movies to see Hidden Figures, which was very good.

For nutrition I’ve been sampling canned soups in addition to the chicken bone broth that I started with. I had the rest of my CTS for lunch and cream of chicken for dinner. Mornings have been pretty much all about the Premier Protein drinks. Why not start with 30 grams of protein right off the bat, right?

It’s SO damn hard to stay off the scale; I may have my wife outright HIDE it from me. I know I’m losing at a high rate now due to low caloric intake and forced ketosis but I need to stop looking at the numbers. It’s never been about the numbers, its about my health. Also, I know the numbers slow down after the first couple weeks. The science behind that is sane; by week three you’re introducing actual food into your body again. Soft foods, but still it’s a step above liquids and your body needs to know how to process it.

From my understanding, some people even gain a few pounds during this phase and then stall for a bit before continuing to lose efficiently… mentally you need to be ready for that. My research and support team of great friends who have also had the procedure have prepped me well enough in that regard. I’ll have no issues.

That damn scale though, we’re going to stay away from it unless we’re going in for a follow up with the doctor. This also means I’ll have an official count of weight loss thus far this Thursday, when I visit Dr. Atkinson’s office for the first of many post operation appointments. I find it pretty cool that they follow up so much with you over the next couple years.

Sleeping was cool yesterday; the body pillow is a godsend!  I highly recommend it to anyone who hates sleeping on their back.

Last tips of the day: Carry a bottle of water EVERYWHERE you go. Brush your teeth at LEAST 3 times a day. How people do this shit and just deal with protein/keto breath is beyond me. As a matter of fact, how people are cool with having bad breath PERIOD is beyond me. I mean, seriously… you can’t taste that shit?

Luckily I’ve kept my mouth in check throughout this whole campaign. Then again, I floss my teeth for no reason times, just out of boredom. I paid enough for this dope ass smile, might as well take care of it.


I just typed this sentence to say I made over 500 words again today…. Off to plot further world domination now.


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