I Came. I DROVE. I Conquered.

Day 7, post operation is about getting up and running around.

I have official medical clearance to drive again and made plans to speak with the admissions director at the cosmetology school I’d been eyeing. Oh, did you think that the Showtorious Café & Day Spa was forgotten?

Shoot, I just needed to get healthy first. I’m a personality guy myself but marketing a joint that serves healthy grab and go while you get glammed/or groomed up is a LOT easier if you look like a potential end product and not the fat CEO who counts the money.

But anyway, I got to drive my car for the first time in 8 days today. Was cool experience. No pain; I took it easy and stayed off the highway on the way to my appointment, but drove the 215 back home. Round trip about 20 miles. I even had the energy to walk through Target to investigate the latest supply of Transformers. Leader Class Titans Return Soundwave is calling my name; I keep seeing him everywhere.

Target wanted $44.99 for him… Amazon PRIME is going for $39.99. Both feature 5% cash back. Amazon wins, as usual. Damn… they marked down Leader Class Skywarp to $27!!!!

Shit. I digress. This is supposed to be about weight loss surgery progress. Just so you know though, I ordered that Skywarp! 

Skywarp…. because BRUH!!! It’s FUCKING Skywarp. 

This morning I tried on a dress shirt that I frequent to work and will probably wear tomorrow on my first day back. I’d been trying it on for a few days post-op as I wanted to use it as a parameter for how my inches lost was coming along. Though I won’t take an actual measurement until like, May, I’ve noticed a couple changes in how it fits. Notably how loose it is around peak button area. Peak button area is the button that covers the belly at its farthest. This morning, peak belly area didn’t show a crease on the shirt, it actually flowed in baggy manner on my body.

Small victories, baby. Take them when you can. It’s going to be a slow process so I won’t let my small successes get in the way of the long term plan, but it’s a beautiful thing to see your investment somewhat pay off right away.

Tomorrow my first post-op appointment goes down as well as my first day back to work. Should be exciting times. I’ll likely throw a blog out in the evening hours to keep everyone updated.

As of now though:

  • Driving is pain free.
  • Sleeping is pain free! Waking up in the middle of the night and drinking water helped TREMENDOUSLY.
    • Sidebar: Before my friend (who had the surgery) suggested it, my wife was the one who originally offered to get me a body pillow BEFORE we even went to hospital. Being a stubborn man, though, I told her no. Again, the queen knows best. (She made me add this pinpoint.)
  • Vitamin Water Zero provides better on-the-go energy than IsoPure for me; probably because there is actual vitamin content in it and not just a shitload of protein, which is IsoPure’s selling point. So I will be investing in a case of Vitamin Water Zero to supplement my IsoPure, which will maintain a place on the grocery list.
  • Campbell’s Golden Mushroom Soup mixed with my brand of Chicken Bone Broth delivers 11 grams of protein per serving and tastes like you’re fucking drinking brown gravy; OMG when I’m healed, I’m doing baked chicken nuggets and using this shit as dip!
  • My post-bariatric vitamins came in this morning from Amazon… can’t wait to start those for the rest of my life.
  • I am a PROUD Transformers junkie. It’s been that way for over 30 years and will never change!
  • … and it looks like in either June or August I’ll be enrolled in a six month nail tech program through Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences. It’s going to be a cool year 38 in the life of the old Showstopper.

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