I lost XX pounds so far. Holy shit.

I’ve always been fascinated with the advances of modern medicine and science. I find myself right now as a walking; talking science experiment and I love it.

Live from the Post-Op Doctor’s Appointment

This is Day 8, post operation.

Today is the day of my 1st post-op appointment and my first day back on the job. Made it to work on time and was able to navigate through the casino to the office where I spend most days. From parking garage to office, the jaunt is a good 1500 steps per the Fitbit.

Stepping outside of my house for the first time without the comfort of my fridge, I knew prep would be key. I’m still on a liquid diet that requires me to constantly take down fluids while managing to get down 70 grams of protein per day. So today, the messenger bag that I usually carried my work stuff in was replaced by the backpack.


  • Bottle of grape IsoPure
  • Bottle of Vitamin Water Zero
  • Bottle of Premier Protein
  • Two Raspberry Zinger Teabags
  • 2 Crystal Light packets
  • Reusable coffee/tea/soup cup with cover.
  • Gas X strips
  • Toothbrush and mini-toothpaste, for the keto-breath.

Thank goodness for a job that provides free bottled water to all its employees.

How does it feel? In a word: Tiring. The whole up-and-down energy thing is real. Felt great waking up from a good night’s sleep (where I was able to sleep a bit on my stomach for once) and getting ready for my return. I started my Premier Protein on the ride to work and finished it about 2 hours later. Gauging by the time it took me today to finish those 11 ounces, I knew it would be one of THOSE days.

My energy faded rapidly when I got to work. I work a desk job that involves light moving around the office and a lot of talking. Today, I’d been losing my breath while talking and feeling a little week between tasks. My productivity is cool though, I figure my fatigue is just a combination of adrenaline wearing off and the fact I was slow consuming my initial protein for the day. To boost my energy, I began the Vitamin Water Zero halfway through the Premier.

It got me to lunch break successfully. The Premier was finished before I walked off the office floor and I took my Vitamin Water with me as I exited the casino and made my way to the post-op appointment, which is about a 20 minute drive from work.

The first thing that you do on any appointment with them is to step on a scale; this is something I had been trying to avoid recently but not today. I was ready for this weigh-in as it would be my first official one since being sleeved on February 15th.

I lost 26 pounds so far. Holy shit. 

Needless to say, I was impressed with the results. I knew the fit my shirts had already slightly changed and I could also see it a bit in my face and shoulders but I was honestly thinking 15-20 at the most. When that thing was 26 pounds less, WITH SHOES AND WORK CLOTHES ON, I wanted to jump for joy.

I didn’t – mostly because my energy is off today but it didn’t stop me from smiling and texting a few of my loved ones. After my follow up with the assistant surgeon guy I met with my nutritionist who laid out the law of the land for the next month.

I have 6 more days on the liquid diet, then I can begin taking down soft foods. She let me know the requirements going forward, such as having 90 grams of protein. That’s going to be a challenge but if I can take down one more Premier Protein or do a protein fruit punch using my GNC stuff, I should be decent.

At least when I do soft foods, the protein requirements will be easier to obtain. I’d been prepping smoothie recipes for months to use with my Nutribullet just for this reason. Chef Chi will live FOREVER!!!!

Chef Chi is also craving eggs, avocado and hot sauce. One more week, buddy. I DID get the clearance to throw actual peanut butter into my smoothies as of today, which pleases my palette. A man can only do so much vanilla or strawberry flavored protein.

Last note: I think my nutritionist jinxed me. We talked about constipation during out appointment today. While it took my 6 days to make a #2, I JUST knew tonight I’d go home and wreck from for the second time in two days… OHHHHH WAS I WRONG!!!!

The feeling was there… the thunder was there but no lightning. Son of a……

I’m about to make some cheddar cheese soup and take down some detox tea. HOPEFULLY this gets things rocking and rolling down there.  First time in my LIFE that I had this problem. Another thing, my new stomach doesn’t seem lactose intolerant anymore.

Before, a simple cup of milk would straighten me out. Not anymore buddy! I have a weird body, man… for kicks you should read about my rare immunity to THC. Not that I smoke or anything, but if I did it wouldn’t matter, but I digress.

See you Day 10ish…


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