Dreams of Tapas and Raw Meats

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I did however get woken up by a welcome bodily function. I swear I heard the angels singing “Hallelujah!” from the heavens at 2:14am… for it finally came. A painless bough movement; GLORIOUS way to start Day 13, indeed!

Overall, I tossed and turned all night long. I ended up getting up at about 8am to go downstairs with my wife as she was preparing to leave for work.

I found myself watching Bizarre Foods: No Cooking Required. It’s amazing how you can take a buffalo, cut meat right from it and EAT IT RAW without getting sick.

It got me thinking, and I have mentioned this before on my Facebook page, that with this new stomach and the inability to consume mass quantities anymore that maybe I should start becoming more diverse with my meal selections. Perhaps go more gourmet and less basic.

The thought that high quality raw beef (or buffalo) can be consumed without getting sick sounds so intriguing to me. Maybe I need to improve my palette by trying new things.

If I’m going to only take down 3-4 ounces per meal,  the adventure behind it should be worth it. This situation even has me questioning the menu for the restaurant I want to open. Tapas, perhaps?

That word alone just made me crave Firefly.

FireFly Las Vegas: Photo Credit (linked)

Tonight is my first night working a full swing shift on the job. Though I had already done an early swing on Saturday working 1pm-10pm, the 3pm-12am shift is a whole different animal. That two hour time difference is EVERYTHING, especially when you’d prefer to be in bed before 11pm on the regular. Living in Las Vegas and working in the hotel industry, you tend to get used to it but you never fully ENJOY it. I know I don’t.

I mentioned that I didn’t sleep well last night. When that happens, late swing shift becomes brutal. After I saw my wife out to work and watched a couple episodes of Bizarre Foods, I forced myself to take a two hour nap before work. The bad thing about that is those two hours should have been reserved for hydrating myself and trying to get a few calories on my system.

When I got out of bed to get ready for work, the energy lull was so real. I downed two 8 ounce bottles of water before getting dressed. With the long day ahead, I felt that I needed to call in reinforcements in regard to hydration and nutrition. I picked up a 33,8 ounce bottle of Aqua Hydrate, with a PH of 9+ and a bottle of Pedialyte for the night. I also grabbed my first Greek yogurt, post surgery. It was a Dannon Light & Fit, for 12G of protein.

It took me about two hours to finish the yogurt but man, it was good. For the first time I actually enjoyed eating, rather than just eating to fill myself up. I never felt full either, which is odd, considering that as of yesterday 3-4 teaspoons of tomato soup would have me burping into submission.

Greek yogurt… YOU JUST MADE THE (Shopping) LIST!

As I type, it’s about a quarter to 8pm; once I downed 75% of that PH water and that yogurt, my energy normalized. I’m currently sipping on Lemongrass tea and well, typing a blog. I guess I’m technically working, too.

Tomorrow is the fateful day that I can partake in soft foods. Day 14 will be a celebration of food and science. I think I got the pacing down in order to eat and keep it down and I have ideas that I can use for the next couple weeks until I make it to true solid foods.

The first meal I have planned is an egg and avocado scramble. One egg, a PORTION of the avocado, mixed together.  I’ve seen the plates of many other sleevers and I am not one to waste food.  I’m going to make this dish in fritter format, baking a few up in a muffin try. I can cut those successfully into small pieces to consume. Traditional scrambled eggs don’t reheat well either, but these will. That’s probably all I’m going to eat throughout the day. Take two of them and slowly cut off portions. I’ll also make sure I’m using the 100 chew rule, so that I pulverize the food enough for it to slide down the hatch without issue. At least that’s the plan.

Of course, if things don’t feel right after the first bite at least its a recipe I can share with my wife and I don’t have to waste the rest of it. She’d have to pick out the avocado since she doesn’t like them, but that’s okay.

My backup plan is to attempt the watery oatmeal scenario. I’m sure I can get that down without a problem. Forgive me for being over drinking hot fluids; two weeks was totally enough for me.

I’ve got another late swing tomorrow. Barring any special projects I need to work on, I should be about to post another update on how the first foods went. As for tonight, I’m going to stare at the Firefly menu and make plans for the first post-op date night next week. 😉

– The Showtorious V.S.G. — That’s my name on gastricsleeve.com, great place to share and meet other people in the VSG community. I just signed up today.



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