Avocado is LIFE

The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, FIGHTING out of the blue corner. It hails from the gardens of Mexico and weighs in at 7 oz. THIS is AVOCADO!

It’s opponent, FIGHTING out of the red corner and hailing from Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, NV —  The Showtorious V.S.G.

Ding, Ding, Ding.

So today is day #14! We move on from full liquids to approximately 10-14 days of ‘soft’ foods. It couldn’t have come any sooner. Though I enjoy my protein drinks and will continue to drink my Premier Proteins going forward, it was time for a nutrition change.

This morning Chef Chi went back to cooking again.

17015640_10155404981604415_1264572224957443499_oThe plan was executed FLAWLESSLY. One egg made three baked fritters. I pulverized half of a ripe avocado in the Nutribullet, added seasoning and made myself a VSG friendly guacamole. I put them together and got down with it. I took down two of the fritters and kinda dipped my finger in the guacamole occasionally throughout the morning as I danced Capoeira to get my morning steps in.

This afternoon, I finished the other half or avocado and have a yogurt waiting for me for later in the night. Hydration is good today, I got enough rest last night and I feel marvelous right now.

I wonder why it was easier to take down food this morning than it has the last 13 days on liquids? Same deal with the Greek yogurt yesterday. Maybe my body just isn’t built for soups.

Alas, here is your winner — The Showtorious V.S.G!

Tips after two weeks: Remember these are based on my experiences so results may vary for others. I hope by sharing from time to time I can help others who are contemplating taking this journey on for themselves.

Tip 1: Drink all day, every day. – In the hospital they forced to to knock back at least 4 ounces of water per hour for every hour I was awake. Do that in the hospital. When you get home however, ditch the measuring cups and just drink say, every fifteen minutes. That measuring shit just stresses you out. But if you’re sipping every 15 minutes and not thinking numbers, you’ll likely take down well over the required for ounces per hour required for proper hydration.

Tip 2: Don’t try to be Superman/Supergirl. Be cool and take it easy. I took a week off of work. Had I had the paid time, I would have taken about 10 days. Unfortunately, paid sick time isn’t a thing everywhere but if your employer allows it (or you are independently wealthy) plan on chilling a bit until you are good and ready to return.

Tip 3: Join a support group. It can be in-person or online but don’t try to wing it on your own. I have a local group I joined on Facebook and a couple of national ones. I also made plans to try to hit the ones that my surgeon runs on a monthly basis. Nothing better than a bunch of folks in the same situation by the same surgeon.

Tip 4: Stay off the scale. You are going to lose weight as long as you follow doctor’s orders. Everyone doesn’t lose weight at the same speed. You just need to stay the course and rock with it. Like any lifestyle change, you’ll have stalls and you’ll have big weeks of progress, but you can’t expect to lose say, 33 pounds in two weeks like I did. Some people lose 15 pounds. Hell, I’ve seen a cat lose 55 pounds by two weeks, post operation.

Tip 5: Eat very, very slow. I have a severe disdain for throwing up. I hate the feeling and try my best to avoid it. My strategy has been to eat super slow. When I start burping, that’s a wrap. It usually means you’re full.

Tip 6: Last one for today. This is really for pre-op. READ about your surgery. Read everything about it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Talk to people who know who have had it or seek out a support group in advance of you surgery. Watch a YouTube video of the procedure. The more you research and understand the science behind your sleeve the better equipped you’ll be for the post operative challenges that are guaranteed to happen.

This weekend my wife and I plan on going on out first date night since I got sleeved up. Going to take a stroll down the strip for the first time in ages. I’ll let you know how that goes.



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