NSV — Or is it NVV today?

The good, the bad and the ugly is what I promised and I have a bit of all three for today’s update. I am happy to report though that GOOD prevailed, overall.

Today is Day #15…

After working 7 straight days today is finally my Friday; thank goodness.

I hopped up, got dressed and was feeling myself so I even took a couple selfies with the selfie stick. Then I realized, hey! I have a leftover egg fritter in the fridge and more guacamole! I have 10 minutes… it’s just one, let me actually have breakfast and I can avoid having to sip on protein all day long.

Well, the fritter went down nice and smooth, as did the guacamole. It filled up nicely, indeed. After I finished, I went to the car to start the commute to work. This is where I made a mistake. I took a swig of Vitamin Water Zero when I sat down.

A rule that I totally spaced this morning was to wait at least 30 minutes between eating and drinking or drinking and eating. Needless to say, that tiny swig topped me off. As I hit the freeway, the mood definitely changed.

“Yep, this is it,” I thought to myself.  “My sleeve experience without vomit is about to come to an end.”

To make matters worse, I had a 25 minute drive ahead of me… mostly on the freeway. So again, visions of doom danced across my brain.

  • I’m going to fucking throw up in my car.
  • I’m going to take off my shirt, catch the throw up in it and then trash the shirt.
  • I’m going to have to pull over on I-15 and throw up on the damn freeway, probably getting harassed by police in the process thinking I’m drunk.
  • I’m going to have to call in sick, go back home and get sick in the privacy of my own bathroom and just take the L on the money for the day.

Then I snapped out of it. I can’t mess up the money, man…

I rolled down the window and began breathing deeply through my mouth as I drove. I began thinking… how to I science this situation? How do you stop yourself from vomiting when your body is telling you to?

An old trick I used to do is take a peppermint or chew some gum. For some reason the mint has always suppressed my gag reflex. I didn’t have mints but I did have Gas X strips.  I used one of those. Cool, temporary relief. PLUS, if its gas that’s making me nauseous that’s two birds with one stone.

My body hadn’t sent up the throat lubricant that precedes sickness, so I’m thinking I’m cool.

Another trick I’d been using since my sleeve to help digest is to walk around after taking a few bites. I didn’t do this today, so perhaps my body wasn’t used to just sitting down and eating. THANKFULLY, I made it to work and got my car parked. My plan was to pace the parking lot for a few minutes to see if it goes down. If not, hey, I could puke in the company parking lot and go about my business.

Of course, I’d call in a cleanup crew once I got into the office. Bio in the east garage, please.

I was determined not to let this beat me. I paced about 5 minutes… walked back to my car and grabbed a plastic grocery bag out the trunk and flushable wipes that I keep for emergency situations, in case I needed to clean myself up. With that prep, I made my way into work.

When I got to work, I paced the office floor. I talked to the team, propped my computer up so I could stand at my workstation and walked in place for about two hours. Finally, the sickly feeling went away.

VICTORIOUS, once again! Ha ha ha!!!!



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