Shining, Three Years Later

Three years ago today I lost my mom.

I think about her often and wonder how she’s doing but I already know she’s in a good place… and probably dating Muhammad Ali. LOL…. Way better than in that hospital bed, halfway sedated by doctors who had no clue how to help her but that’s another story that I don’t care to delve into.

I miss her, man. I miss our conversations, our arguments. I miss running errands for her. Let’s be real, I have my moments and nightmares on occasion. I wake up sometimes, breathing hard and with a few tears running down my face… but I don’t allow those moments to keep me down. She wouldn’t want anyone to be depressed about her going home.

I’m Rhonda Drake’s second born son, so she’s ALWAYS a part of me as I was part of her.

Losing someone physically is one thing… but you can’t lose somebody’s spirit. That spirit is instilled within my heart, forever… and that spirit tells me to be positive, productive and carry on in life. I know she’s looking down on me, proud and happy for the whole family.

So carry on, I shall. Shine on, as I rhymed at her going home celebration. We will continue.

In her honor.

Thank you, Mom. I love you, always.



Tell the champ I said hello, by the way. 🙂


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