All Right Stop! Taco Time!

Welcome to the start of week 4, ladies and gentlemen!

Today is day 22, down 36 pounds and as predicted, the first plateau of the process. I spoke about this a few weeks ago; as soon as you begin to eat actual food you’re going to slow down on the loss. Had I not educated myself, I may have been discouraged. But nope, I’m good.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I even gained two pounds before my month post op appointment next week. Again, it’s perfectly normal.  That 36 pound loss  was my weight last Sunday, but I kept it unofficial. Since its Thursday now, I know it’s slowed down.

I already know how to kill a plateau… I got gym clearance. No REAL weights yet, but I can increase my cardio and make better attempts at hydration.

My water intake has been hit or miss this week; I need to find that perfect balance of eating and drinking throughout the day. I think once that gets going, it’s going to continue to fall off.

If I ever did get slightly discouraged I would just think to myself, when was the last time I lost 36 pounds in three weeks? Like never. That alone is motivation to rock on!

Plus, I’m a certified G and a bonafide stud and YOU CAN’T TEACH THAT!

Today’s plan is to get this protein in early. Its 11am and I have a Premier Protein mixed with three shots of espresso this morning. It’s my first foray into caffeine again since the surgery. Though I don’t plan on making caffeine a daily thing, it really does the trick for me in regard to getting the protein down more efficiently because personally, I’m over drinking protein straight from the carton right now. If I’m going to do liquid protein, I need to mix it with something. At least until the caramel flavor comes back into stock at my local Sam’s Club.

Shit, half of me considered going vegan.

Me: I’m going Vegan. Also me: Oh look, tacos!

The other half of me however, still likes tacos. So I’ll pass on veganism. To each their own, but it’s not for me. I may never eat a fully loaded taco  ever again, but damn it, there will be tacos in my smaller life. It just may take me an hour to eat one though… sigh, I still love food. I just dislike eating. Funny how that works, right?

But I digress… again.

I’m going to follow up this protein espresso with an egg for lunch, possibly with half an avocado on the side. Free eggs at work… can’t beat it!

For dinner, I’ll have Greek yogurt and a little bit of the company’s soup of the day, as long as it’s not minestrone, beefy vegetable or cream of whatever…

Or maybe I’ll just try that damn taco for dinner.


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