He Shoots, He Scores!

Face_swap_of_disney_characters_200_12So I went to lunch this afternoon and deviated from the original plan. Mind you, just a few hours ago I noted that I was going to eat my avocado and a boiled egg for lunch. When I got into the employee dining room, I decided to stick my chest out and take a risk.

I picked up what I like to say was 3 ounces of chicken breast and an ounce of baked tilapia. In case the chicken didn’t sit well, I knew I could handle the fish. I also scooped out about a half cup of cooked zucchini to complement the protein.

So I grabbed a knife and cut a piece of the chicken; put it in my mouth and proceeded to chew.

…and chew.

…and chew.

…and chew.

I repeated this slowly for a full hour. My jaws are so tired right now.

What we take away from this experience though, is a VICTORY!

I got the chicken down! I got the zucchini down! I even got the fucking fish down!

26 grams of protein for the chicken! 7 grams for the fish!

No idea what’s in the zucchini but who give a shit?  I ate real food today in public and it didn’t make me sick. This gives me 63 grams of protein for the day, enough for the minimum goal.

I still need to eat dinner later too. My Greek Yogurt is 12 grams of protein and who knows what type of protein I’ll have in the taco experiment?

Ohhhhh Hellll Yeeeeah!!!!!



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