Details Forgotten…

Two omissions on the last post regarding my food adventures.

17350028_10155460324619415_8198703538221659634_oCarnitas! Nope. I had a small bit of the stuff last week at work. Like the hot dog of Saturday, the roasted carnitas that they served in the employee dining room at work tasted good going down. When it got down though, it was brick city. I chewed the living hell out of it too. It was just too heavy.

Frankly, I’m not in the business of ANYTHING making me feel full for two hours. So carnitas… YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

On a brighter note, St.Patrick’s Day was full of victories. The biggest, outside of having traditional corned beef and cabbage was the fact that I had my first, and only shot of alcohol!

17350072_10155460338119415_8446011241667426639_oJameson Irish Whiskey, to be exact. I took a shot while out that night and it wasn’t bad! I didn’t shoot it like I would normally; it was more like sipping on it for a few minutes. After, I felt my speech slow slightly and I felt chill but no actual buzz.

Granted, I’m still a big dude so I wouldn’t expect to get a buzz even with my new stomach but from everything I heard my tolerance should be super low. Especially since I hadn’t had a drink in two months. Hey, I enjoyed it though.

Again, this lifestyle is totally about discipline so don’t expect weekly stories about drinking adventures from me. I don’t plan on drinking again for quite some time but man, it was St. Patrick’s Day! It had to be done. It’s my duty, damn it!


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