Groovy Food Adventures!

So we made a month! 32 days to be exact and I have updates galore.

The insides are healed up; I’ve solved to BM situation and I yet to experience an urge to vomit. I would say that this first month has been a hit! That and of course going down by 42 pounds.

Bruh, 42 pounds in a month is some dream-come-true stuff. I’ll take it.

I’m eating solid food again but not a whole lot of it. I feel that protein drinks will be a way of life for the rest of my life. I still wonder if I’ll ever be able to take down 1000 calories in the future. I don’t really miss food, so I guess that’s a decent thing. It still doesn’t prevent me from venturing out of my comfort zone for some groovy food adventures!

At this point I’m able to eat veggie patties, baked chicken and fish, green beans, ground meat, soups, cooked vegetables, yogurt and crystal light. I’ve also had coffee mixed with my proteins to help it go down better.

On St. Patrick’s Day I was able to down 2 oz of corned beef and a few leaves of cooked cabbage.

I was able to water down some lemonade from the mall pretzel shop with no issue. The 1/8th of an inch of pretzel went down well, but I can see how bread will be a problem down the line. I’ll just stay away from it.

The same day, yesterday, I took down an even smaller bite of a sample cookie at the mall. It totally melted in my mouth. It was literally the size of a single corn flake though. If I have an issue messing with that, then there is probably something wrong.

Had a bunless hot dog while I was volunteering with Little League this past weekend. I think I ate it too fast and didn’t chew enough , as it felt like I swallowed a brick and was low key miserable for the next two hours.

I ate out last night with my wife and my cousins to find that as much as I lean on chicken as my go-to, its possible that I may be losing the taste for it.

This is not my picture… but this is what I had. Minus the pork-belly one in the middle. 

We went to Yard House and I found that you can order street tacos à la carte, which is a pure joy for individuals who’ve been sleeved. Street tacos are generally small and not challenging to finish. My experience though, was odd. I had a Baja fish taco and a chicken taco. The Baja fish went down like a dream. The chicken, while I thought I was enjoying it, I really didn’t. Could this have been the first shift in taste buds that I’ve been hearing about?

Or was the fish taco just that much better than the chicken one? We’ll examine this question again down the line. I only ate a bite of one of the tortillas, by the way. I’m not ready for that chapter yet, though I did have a corn tortilla on day 15. These were flour so I didn’t want to risk it this time.

I’m going to be real cool on the food adventures this week. I got full clearance to hit the gym as hard as I want again, so I plan on NOT cheating at all. Will be lots of water consumption, proteins and will try to re-introduce matcha and greens into the supplement game going forward. My boy Muke also put me onto this workout app that does your whole body piece by piece.

Going to start dropping pics soon. I have a good 96 pounds to drop still but I’m already looking marvelous, if I do say so myself!



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