Thrift Shops and Savory Crepes

36 days, 46 pounds. No complaints from me.

We’re moving towards the end of March now. My clothes are starting to look too big now, which is great, only that I’m not in the financial position at the moment to do anything about replacing them. It’s going to be an awfully baggy spring, I guess. I penciled in Memorial Day Weekend to go shopping for the first time since my gastric sleeve surgery, but now I’m thinking April Fool’s Day may be the day. April 1st is generally celebrated in my household as my cat’s birthday but I think it shall me who gets gifts this year.

I’m thinking about visiting the Salvation Army or Savers to find a few interim clothing gems. Going full retail just doesn’t seem like a smart plan while losing inches as fast as I am. I mean, shoes are one thing but to go out and drop $25-45 on each pair of slacks would be fiscally irresponsible when they likely will only last 1-2 months before having to dispose of them again.

A $10 pair of slacks from Savers will leave me with no guilt when I toss them (or re-donate if gently used).

I may have to call in my friend Jessica for assistance because she’s a thrifty expert at finding the good shit!

As for my ongoing food adventures, I’ve been sampling a few things. I still am unable to put away more than 700-800 calories in a day but for the most part I’ve been making good decisions. Yesterday was VERY ambitious, however. Intrigued by an episode of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network, I visited a place featured on the show called Crepe Expectations here in Las Vegas. As it turns out, there’s not a whole lot of flour in their batter recipe so I figured, hey, why not get a savory crepe for breakfast?

The Crepelet, from Crepe Expectations in Las Vegas, NV (Technically Henderson)

First off, no sleever I know would be able to finish one of these joints on their own. So if you go, make sure you go with somebody with a regular stomach. Well, I guess you can go with 4 other members of the VSG community too… we could all eat for $8.00! But anyway, I had a breakfast crepe with ham, cheese and eggs inside. That plate was so heavenly. It was light, full of protein and quite fancy for the price. It even came with a choice of fruit or cottage cheese, which is always VSG friendly.

I’ve never been a fan of cottage cheese. Strangely how that sleeve changes your whole world of taste-buds, though. I actually enjoyed those three teaspoons of cottage cheese that I tried.

Side note: The customer service there was OUTSTANDING! Will definitely becomes a regular at Crepe Expectations. I’m looking forward to trying that carne asada next time!

Later that night I reverted back to chicken again, only this time I was able to try chicken wings for the first time. My wife had a 5 wing plate for lunch and I was able to try two wings. THANK GOODNESS I can tolerate them & ranch dressing. Chicken wings/fingers were my favorite foods before surgery. Glad to report that they may remain my favorites, only on a lesser scale.

I finished the night with a gang of water and soup, by the way. You have to bring it back to Earth after any kind of cheat meal scenario. I still have over 80 more pounds to lose, so it’s important to stay grounded especially after minor food victories.

I’ll be taking a break for a couple days to work on my vacation blog for a bit. Being in the hospitality industry people are always asking for my two cents. I hadn’t written about travel since my Disneyland series I did a few years ago, so I’m eager to provide my advice on planning. I became inspired once again, as my wife and I plan our autumn trip to WALT DISNEY WORLD!

I’ve been there twice before, but this time I won’t be 300 pounds and in constant pain from walking the parks. 😉 I’m also going with the true love of my life, which is really what’s good! HYPED for October!


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