The Codfish Conundrum

Today is day 40. I haven’t weighed myself since the last post so no updates on that front. I’m thinking my next weigh will be after my first full week of lifting, which will be this weekend.

My cardio is coming together again. I got my speed up on the crossramp and my heart rate is looking decent when I start going. Pre-surgery I averaged a 160+ HR while on most of my heavy cardio, over the weekend I was going full speed at a cool 130, which is pretty decent for weight loss. I also don’t feel like I’m going to die when I’m working out any more, which is always a plus.

I hope to swim sometime this week, provided the lap pool at LVAC isn’t too full. Not that I mind being around people, but I like to go at my own pace. Doing laps and sharing your lane with 4 other people is never fun. It’s just too many bodies at once.

As you may have already caught on, this week’s challenge is in regard to working out while getting the proper nutrition. While I’ve experienced no complications thus far, I know that as I increase my cardio by another 10 minutes per session and lift 4 times a week instead of twice, I need to fuel up properly.

I don’t know if I’m eating enough to be successful with my body re-building.

You know my chicken breast story. I can’t deal with it anymore. Of all things I wouldn’t be able to tolerate, chicken breast has been the one protein that I haven’t been successful with. Okay, I lied, the pork carnitas I took down in week 3 didn’t sit well either. I don’t eat that on the regular though. Chicken breast is generally a mainstay, a go-to for all healthy eaters. Most importantly I can get it relatively cheap in mass quantities.

Fish is too expensive to buy like that every week. Not everybody has The Rock’s money. Have you seen that guy’s diet by the way?  Dude eats like 36 ounces of cod per day.

36. Ounces. Of. Cod. Per. Day.

I couldn’t imagine eating 36 ounces of anything in a day anymore. That’s like a month’s worth of lunch nowadays. Wait… buying 36 ounces of cod, eat for a month! *Ding!*

Quantity aside though, if I subbed in cauliflower for the traditional rice and that baked potato, I probably could ROCK with a variation of that diet and be successful.

He could be on to something there…


  • 1 oz of cod
  • 1 packet of better oats oatmeal


  • 11 ounces of Premier Protein Shake – 30 minutes later


  • 2 oz cod
  • 1 cup of green veggies


  • 3oz grilled chicken thigh meat
  • 1 cup of green veggies
  • Cauliflower rice
  • Greek yogurt

Looks decent, rigimg_3044ht? Lets see what My Fitness Pal says though…

I think I’m turned off by the number of carbs I’m taking down. Granted its the 28 carbs with in my breakfast oatmeal that concerns me the most. At the same time, the remaining balance of the carbs are incidental  and kind of come with the property of eating vegetables. Once would think those are all good carbs, right?








For shits and giggles though, let me add the fiber supplement as well as my bariatric multivitamin to the mix, also substitute the oatmeal for an egg, which should…

Solve the problem!!!











AND…. create a new one.

Fuck, I’m going to starve to death. I BURN close to 600 calories per gym session and close to 3000 per day just dicking around doing nothing.

I guess I need to speak to my nutritionist again to verify that carb intake, calories and all that jazz.

I’m not one to ask for help usually.

This is life, though.

Hey, at least I know I’m still losing weight, no matter what! So there.

Damn, it Rocky. Why must I strive for your success. WHYYYYY????

Rock photos by and!



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