The Zumba King, Wrestlemania Foods, Goals & Missing Hawaii!

Okay, I understand. Y’all don’t like numbers and stuff. Sorry about that, but this journey can’t all be food adventures. 🙂

That said, today there will be a little food talk.

This weekend I find myself throwing the my first party since getting sleeved up. I’ve been mulling over different recipes and flavors to go along with the event and have come to the conclusion that I’m just going to let the potluck take care of itself.

Half the shit I can eat, nobody is going to want. OR if they do want it, it would cost a fortune to prepare for 10 people. Budget, yo! I’m planning a trip to Disney World at the end of the year, cats just don’t have a couple hundred dollars to throw at Wrestlemania like they used to.

So here’s what I decided: The good people at Buns In My Oven just love to fill my feed with scrumptious looking food every day. This week they threw out a link to these baked chicken stuffed peppers. low-carb-stuffed-peppers-recipeLike, whoa… low carb, high protein. Yes, yes. I can make a couple servings of that to last me a couple days and be straight. My WWE crew can indulge in whatever they feel like. I may even nip off of whatever they bring to test myself out with. Unless its crunchy shit. I’m still weary of crunchy foods. Plus, unless it’s a raw vegetable, there’s never any good in crunchy food. It’s either chips or cookies or crackers or taco shells…I just have no desire to go down that route any more. I don’t even eat bread anymore, nor do I miss it.

I’m discovering that fish, chicken wings and authentic tacos with soft tortillas are my go-to dishes for this post surgical life. Every now and then I can do some ground meat or some lamb, but heavy pork and chicken breast as definitely off the menu indefinitely.  My wife and I went to Chili’s this past weekend and their buffalo chicken wings were BOMB!

This morning I kinda scared myself. I took down two over easy eggs, three slices of deli ham and had no discomfort. I felt naturally full but not stuffed as usual.

Feeling too easy, I decided to get my ass up and work out right away. As I put in an hour’s worth of Zumba World Tour on Xbox One, I could actually feel my breakfast converting to energy. I got faster and more efficient as my dance-a-thon proceeded. I event jumped around a bit with no pains!

Wow, this must be what having an actual metabolism feels like! I’m also a master of Puerto Rican dancing and can do a mean Hula! I mean, I’ve had practice…

Showtorious performs for the Luau queen at Germaine’s Honolulu on his 30th birthday. 

Sidebar: Damn, I miss Hawaii!


I smashed that 50 pound situation; rewarded myself with a new video game system. I’ll talk numbers next week on my official weigh in day, but I’m geeked about playing my scrub cousins online. Most of them are on PS4 where I’ve always been an Xbox One man… Just need to master these baby ass controllers and I’m golden.

Haven’t messed with Sony since the PS2… Pretty sure I can dominate on the current model just like I did back in the day.

This weekend the address to this page should be, by the way. Excited about the change. I love WordPress; I just don’t want their name in my address. Doing my own domain is what’s best for business!

Aloha, mofos!




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