A Mall Breakthrough!!!

So I had a personal breakthrough this evening. My wife and I made a trip to the mall tonight to drop of our wedding rings for their semi annual cleaning and stone treatment. Since we drove all the way over to The Galleria at Sunset we decided to make the trip worthwhile and do some window shopping.

One of my goals is to eventually buy an outfit from G By Guess, so for shits and giggles we took a look inside… AND that place is definitely for skinny mofos. I need to be down a good 120 before even THINKING of trying on the stuff in that store. Even then I fear that even the XXL will fit like a damn medium.

I don’t plan on ever being that skinny. Fuck all that noise.

We left G by Guess and made our way to Macy’s where size diversity is still a thing for the most part. Sean John makes a pretty good outfit from what I could remember. Back in 2005 when I could somewhat fit some of their clothes, I never tried on any of their pants. I think back then I was still rocking gear from Anchor Blue because they were still selling EXTRA BAGGY jeans, a fit and style I could get behind. Still could too if everything wasn’t fucking XS and skinny style… ugh.

So about said breakthrough. Sean John had a sale rack and on it was a size 42. I haven’t worn a 42 since 2005 as well so I was totally intrigued. The kicker was that not only were those pants a size 42 they were freaking slim, straight fit.

As in, for big skinny cats… I’m still a big, big cat. This cat isn’t neutered either, my balls would likely suffer in those pants but I HAD to know how far I came along. I tried them on and HOLY SHIT, they fit me!

I had about a good half inch left on the waist left over. The legs were a little snug and they didn’t want to stay up on my waist the way I like them (fuck, I think they designed those shits to sag) but bruh, I GOT INTO A 42 SLIM!!!

I’ll never buy a slim fitting anything because I have balls and I think sagging is for clowns but I GOT INTO THAT BITCH!

In 30 days, I’ll revisit this again. For now though. PICTURES!!!! NSV!!! NSV!!! NSV!!!!





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