70 pounds, 70 days!

So an interesting thing happened yesterday.

I woke up and stepped on the scale and it confirmed that I was indeed down 67 pounds. Cheers, right? Mind you, when I got on the scale I was only wearing my sleep pants and undergarments. No shirt, no shoes.

Fast forward to 4 hours later. I’d eaten and gone to the gym. I got dressed up to go to work wearing long pants, a dress shirt, tie and of course socks. No shoes, either. Stepped on the scale again. 70 pounds.

N***a what? I don’t even use that term but I dropped it when I saw that result. I stepped off and let it reset. Stepped back on. 70 pounds. I lost 70 pounds in 70 days?

Okay, we’ll let it stand.

It wasn’t my ‘official’ weigh in date or my official weigh in doctor (surgeon > primary), so I’m not celebrating but I’m not going to down myself either.


In a past episode we talked about my eating routines and how some days are great for eating and others I can’t eat much at all. I’ve SOLVED this problem by going back to a phase 2/4 VSG hybrid plan. Instead of trying to take down three solid meals a day, I went back to two liquid meals, via protein shake, soups  and natural supplements for two meals and a solid meal once a day. This may not continue forever but for now it’s doing well by me. I haven’t felt miserable after eating since I started this routine and well, obviously it hasn’t slowed my weight loss.

I’mm getting my 90 grams of protein a day and my water levels are looking good, so what’s the problem?

Now if I could only remember to take ALL my vitamins for the day, everything will be apples!


XXL shirts are about to be a thing for me again.

I have a trip to California planned next weekend. I get to fly on a plane at my lowest weight since 2001! Exciting shit! I’d only needed a belt extender on the plane in 2004 when I went to Orlando at 389 pounds. I never really got that big again but the seats have always been somewhat uncomfortable and I’m looking forward to feeling them now. The real test though, as my weight loss support group friend exclaimed, will be dropping the refreshment table in front of me without it jabbing my stomach for the whole flight.

I wish I could have a cocktail on my flight though.  I mean, I could, but a 7am flight with liquor on an empty sleeve could be a recipe for disaster.

Fuck it, I’ll have protein. Wait… nevermind, no drinks allowed. Interesting, I wonder if TSA would allow a medical exception. Probably not for a 45 minute flight to California from Nevada but what about a 19 hour flight to Sydney, Australia?

Research shall be done. If not, I’m not above a friendly and illegal bribe. [Insert Trump’s America line HERE.]

Same topic of travel, I get to hit the beach next weekend as well. Will he take his shirt off? Probably not. But I may tease it a bit. I got my black trunks and Jericho scarf to wear for sure. Drink it in, man!

Just a quick one today, spawns. My wife is turning 30 next week so we have an array of plans to execute. It’s her first birthday tour; something I’m infamous for. So if I don’t post again until next week, you all know what’s up.

I will get at you later, sexy beasts.



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