All Aboard!!! (The Train to 100 pounds Lost!)

18486383_10155651447644415_7418775061264244270_nThe goal was to drop 75 by June 1st when my cousin comes to visit from Chicago. Needless to say, I may be closer to the 85 pound mark by the time he gets here.

Today is day 90 and I’m down 75 pounds, officially. I’m not even mad at the only 5 pound loss in 20 days. In fact, I totally expected it, as I dropped a shitload of inches during this period.

Um, can somebody say pool party?

75 pounds was supposed to mean a new WWE Championship Belt for my reward. As much as I am a sucker for the 20 pounds of gold around my waist, what’s the point of having a belt if your pants won’t stay up?

Seriously, I need clothes; like yesterday.

For shits and giggles I picked up some cheap jeans a K Mart about a month ago. They were snug, but they fit nicely; size. Well, they are no longer snug. In fact, there’s about 2 inches in circumference missing from my waist since the last time I wore these joints, thus my current struggle.

It’s not just these pants but all of my non-gym-pants are officially too big on me now. And though I have been scavenging the thrift stores and discount shops like K Mart, I’m still considered a larger dude so finding the right sizes are still a challenge. I mean, unless you’re size 36 or smaller it’s crazy out there at times. It’s even worse when we’re talking about dress clothes. Not judging anyone else but unless I’m taking a hand me down from a friend or family member (you know, people I trust) I’m not wearing used dress clothes to work. If I luck out and  find a brand new set of whatever there, cool… but again, finding any decent pants in size 42 at the thrift store is hard.

Don’t get me twisted now, I’m not complaining. I just wish I had about $3000 extra in discretionary funds to shop with. Tentatively my wife and I have penciled in the 26th of May for a mini shopping spree to get interim clothes. The plan by the fall is slowly kill off all my fat clothes and replace them with suits. I’m talking ALL suits. I’ve never been a fan of the business casual and you’ll never catch me in a polo shirt and some khaki pants willingly. I’m trying to be like Ghost on Power by the end of the year.

Like this beast. A size 52 jacket!!! I couldn’t button it up quite yet but I will be able to by June. Then if I get too small, (which I doubt – I plan on lifting again soon) I could always take it in a bit later. All I know is that I will definitely not need a jacket larger than this one.

Last Thursday, at the store.


I always considered myself a nice looking dude overall and that will never change. I kept a smile on my face and thought myself to be a snazzy dresser. Looking back just a few short months ago, well… I was still a sharp dude, shit!  I was big and sexy. My personality and smile have always been my moneymakers.

My clothing was horrendous though.

One picture comes to mind when I think about my big clothes. It’s a picture of my wife and me from last fall. I was wearing a Rockawear shirt that had a United States flag on it but was all red and black. It was decent looking shirt, in my opinion. When I wore it at 350 pounds, it felt baggy and fit me well.


Click here to see the video before and after!

At that point I had allowed my mind to create a dysfunction to believe that everything that fit loose on my body would make my body LOOK smaller. Body image denial, if you will.


I also somehow convinced myself that the 5XL size of that shirt was really a size that ‘ran small’ as opposed to accepting it as what it was. There are brands out there that truly do run small but an urban mega brand like Rockawear just isn’t one of those brands. It didn’t run small. I was running big.

I just didn’t want to believe it. I’m so glad I had my medical reality check.

Excuse me now, as I book my one-way ticket on the train to 100 (pounds)!



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