The following blog contains language not suitable for work… We’ll refrain from the F Bombs on the NEXT blog…. as for this one, its about SPORTS.

That Super Bowl title was 31 years ago; enough is enough.

In September 2013 I found myself frustrated with the Chicago Cubs and the direction they were taking.  At the time we were at the end of another losing year; at that point we hadn’t sniffed the playoffs since 2008. We got really close in ’09 but no cigar.

Fed up, I decided to write an open letter to the franchise.  In that letter I threatened to pull all support from my team and no longer be a fan of the game. MLB was struggling to keep my attention as it was but to have a team whose management outright didn’t CARE about its fans was heartbreaking.

I wouldn’t become a White Sox fan and I really disliked every other team in the league at that time, so why would I force support on something I grew to hate? I was a Cubs fan and a Cubs fan ONLY. If I couldn’t watch my team with a smile I wouldn’t watch any MLB team.

My promise to them was that I would give them one more fighting year. All I wanted to see was improvement, ANY improvement and I would stay on board. In 2013 we wrapped at 66-96. As a fan of baseball you never want to see your team with 90+ losses. Honestly, you don’t even want 82 losses but hey, this was the Chicago Cubs… he loveable losers. I had to lower my standards. Anything 90 losses or more would be a wrap for me as a baseball fan in 2014.

The following year, we finished 73-89. Deal me in for 2015. Playoffs baby! Back in action! We finished 97-65 and earned a berth to the NLCS where we ultimately got swept by the New York Mets. My hardcore status was back to where it should have been at that point.

I don’t even have to remind you of what happened in 2016. Okay, I will.

It was arguably the greatest World Series in history. It was also the year that MY Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Yes, it was glorious and yes, I take full credit due to my letter.

In 2012 the Chicago Bears went 10-6 under Coach Lovie Smith. It was top heavy in the league that year so unfortunately 10 wins wouldn’t be enough for a playoff berth. Four years earlier, Smith took us to the Super Bowl. We lost, but we still went to the fucking Super Bowl for the first time since 1986 where Walter Payton and company Super Bowl Shuffled all over the New England Patriots.

After a couple of wonky years following the Super Bowl we made the playoffs again after finishing first place in the division in 2010 but you can’t do anything about injuries or when facing an up and coming future Hall of Fame quarterback named Aaron Rodgers. The next year we finished 8-8 and 2012 Smith righted the ship again with a 10-6 record. The bad thing about that was the NFC was stop heavy that year so 10 wins wouldn’t be enough to get out of third place in the division. Madness, right?

Still, Lovie Smith has the team on track for a bright future until management killed all that noise. He was fired during the offseason and replaced with CFL Coach Mark Trestman. He lasted all of two years and replaced in favor of John Fox, a perennial loser thus far in his tenure with the team. NOW since Lovie was let go (the second greatest coach in Bears history behind Ditka) we’ve gone 22-42 under these two bums and that’s just the START of our issues.

Hester. GONE

Peppers. GONE.

Urlacher. GONE – too soon.

Alshon Jeffrey, GONE.

Cutler. Wait, I’m cool with him being GONE.

Dude if we were going to rebuild after letting our coach go, WHY DIDN’T WE START MAKING MOVES IN 2012?

We haven’t done shit since that time.

This year I sat there and watched this team trade a shitload of assets (4 fucking picks!) to San Francisco to move up ONE place in the draft to pick up a potential ‘franchise quarterback’ in Mitchell Trubisky out of North Carolina.

With all due respect to the kid, he’s not going to turn this trainwreck around any time soon. Management, in all their glory didn’t even inquire about who Frisco was going with in the original spot. News flash, they weren’t picking up Trubisky.

So fuck it, let’s make our move anyway and cripple the rest of our draft this year.

Trubisky is the future!

I mean, only if Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez fail.

Mike Glennon is signed to an $18.5 million guaranteed contact. This was done the night before draft night.

Mark fucking butt-fumble Sanchez is our number 2 quarterback. Gracious….

Oh they WILL fail. We won’t get to see our ‘franchise quarterback’ until we’re like 9 losses deep and nobody cares AGAIN.

I’m well ahead on you on the don’t care train.

It’s July 30th and former NFC Champion quarterback Colin Kaepernick is available. He’s a cat with nothing to lose and everything to prove and in desperate need of a new system.

There’s no one in the world who can argue with me that Mike Glennon or Mark Sanchez is a better QB than Kaepernick.

Aagin, why the fuck is Mark Sanchez in the league, PERIOD?


Like my Cubs in 2013, once again I’m DONE.

However, I sat quietly for nearly 5 years already.  The Chicago Bears seem to have no interest whatsoever with being competitive, SO — I’m boycotting my Bears.

I’m not rocking the colors, I’m not watching the games, I’m not buying any merchandise, and I’m not even going to speak favorably about them being ‘my team.’

As far as I’m concerned, fuck them and the whole league. Well… maybe not the whole league.

Unlike MLB in 2013, I still enjoy football Sundays. Last year it was hard to not watch any action past week 3; so many cool stories. Plus I get off early enough to catch Sunday and Monday night football if I wanted to.

Granted, MNF will never be on my radar ahead of Monday Night Raw but who knows? If there’s a good matchup I may want to hit the Sportsbook for a game, $1 bun-less hot dog and a swig of whiskey for the working man.

The Super Bowl was fun to watch as well.

Plus Las Vegas is getting a team in a couple years.

X FACTOR: The Oakland Raiders will soon be the Las Vegas Raiders. A stadium is being planned and the team SHOULD be here by 2019. (Perhaps 2020 if things don’t work out, stadium-wise) That’s also the year I turn 40 years old.

Our new stadium.

Life is too short to live without a favorite football team.

Dear Chicago Bears Football Club,

You have TWO YEARS to get it together. Oh no, I’m not watching like I did my Cubbies… I’ve HAD 5 years of your bullshit and I will not continue to torture myself as a football fan.

For the next two years I’m going to research the history and show support for the current Oakland Raiders. I’m getting a jersey and everything. In fact, I’m going to officially enshrine them as my AFC team. After all, I grew up in Las Vegas and always wanted a team locally.

(All due respect to the Golden Knights, I have Chicago Blackhawks tattoo planned. I’ll never shy away from them or the Bulls, no matter how terrible they may ever get.)

Two years, Chicago. If you don’t show reasonable improvement in two years, meaning at least ONE playoff berth, you’ve lost me. I will become part of RAIDERS NATION. My justification would be there too since I’ve lived in Vegas for 37 or my 38 years of existence. Chicago is my blood, but Vegas is my home. So fuck you and your opinions.

Although the Raiders franchise has had its ups and downs it’s never stopped TRYING to be a great franchise.

To me, the BEARS stopped trying when they fired Lovie Smith for no reason. They reconfirmed their commitment to team mediocrity by signing these bullshit ass quarterbacks and then trading 4 picks to move up one in the draft.

I’m always going to love my 1985 Bears, but let’s face it: That was the greatest team of all time and that kind of dominance will never be repeated.

As of now, I’m over it.

I can’t deal with it.

I won’t deal with it.

No more blind loyalty.

Two years, Chicago Bears. No playoffs, no Show’Chi.




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