About Showtorious

Always striving for continuous improvement in life… I’m a socialtie, hospitality professional, event planner, bartender, author, lover and part time super hero. I also LOVE to write.

My name is Show’Chi….

These are my words, my thoughts, my stories. Some are fiction and some are from reality experiences. Some are from the deepest parts of my imagination. The only thing I want to do is entertain you. I like to make people smile. If my words and sometimes sick sense of humor can bring a little sunlight into your day, then I’ve done my job well.

I truly thank you for visiting Showtorious Unplugged and I hope you bookmark me, as well as follow me on twitter, and if you get a chance tell your friends about me. This is the first step into the ascension of my dreams. I have two books ready to go, but I can’t release them without an audience.

So every read, every comment, every hit and every email is cherished.

Now that my self shill has been completed. Feel free to enjoy!


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