My Mindset

Wu-Tang told me to bring the ruckus, so I thought about what it’s like to be one of us.
Gifted individuals, lyrical spirits, operating independently upon our own merits.
Held down by corporate oppressors, lifers and lack of successors.
Non-believers and haters, and moral transgressors.
Who don’t give a damn about our true profession, and why must we use these terms of aggression.
No it’s not misbehavior, or random acts of defiance, it’s our passion for words that speak our alliance.
Let’s bring it back to words in a book or a journal, let’s keep it 100, lets spit knowledge eternal.
I don’t need a beat to justify my lines, I just want to prove to the world, that although I don’t rap
You can still appreciate my rhymes. I want you to feel me, my poetry is fundamental.
I want you to read me, and not be judgmental. I want you to think, and not just bob your head.
I want you to learn me and to quote what I said. My passion is here, it’s going to be everlasting.
I hunger is growing, and there’s no point in fasting. I plan on going in for seconds and thirds.
It’s like a Vegas buffet as I serve you with words.
It’s poetry baby, enough of this toiling, I’ve been wound like a snake, and I’m no longer coiling.
I’m jumping at you, loud and so crystal clear. Let’s make some noise now, please lend me your ear.
I want to be the voice that the radio fear, I want to bring thunder when my poetry’s near.
I think that you get it, let’s all rise and stand tall. This is a poetry storm, so to my writers I call.
Let’s do this thing, and smash the nay sayers, lets go get our dreams and conquer our prayers.
I’m confident in all of us as much as I love; this art that we share, our gift from above.
Together we’ll rise above all the nonsensical rubbish, the revolution will not be televised.
But it sure will be published.

-Showtorious (Originally Spoken)


Diary of a Mad Bulls Fan: Logical Free Agent Decisions

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a tradition of almost making it big. In other words, the Cavs has a tradition of LOSING. Basketball connoisseurs such as me, we know this. Hardcore fans and coaches know this. The league’s best player without a championship ring, Lebron James knows this. While it would be a great thing for the hometown star to bring a championship to the state in which he was bred culminating in the ultimate fairy tale career, logic isn’t on the side of that dream. For Lebron James also knows that fairy tales do NOT exist and by staying in Cleveland, all he would do is lose time.

Do you think that it doesn’t tear this man up to watch Kobe Bryant and the Lakers win every year? All the time it’s: who’s better Kobe or Lebron; Lebron or Kobe… well, the answer is simple. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league, hands down. If you want to argue, just look as his right hand. There are five rings on that bad boy. On Lebron’s hand, there are none.

Besides the obvious love of his home town, why in his right mind would Lebron want to actually remain a Cavalier? Seriously, I mean everybody loves Shaq, but even the Diesel knows when to hang up his shoes. He won’t be back, and the rest of that team? I already forgot the players; that’s how good the Cleveland Cavaliers are. It’s safe to say Mr. James will NOT be returning.

Where SHOULD he go? Well, let’s look at the contenders… or pretenders, depending on your basketball knowledge.

New York has talked a GANG of mess about them wanting Lebron in a Knicks jersey. Sure, they can pay the man; hell, they can pay him AND another top free agent a max contract, but after Lebron and that agent when else do the Knicks have to offer? This man is on the 8th year of his NBA career, he’s not interested in waiting another 2-3 years for that horrible Knicks franchise to build a squad around him and his perennial Scottie Pippen. If that’s the case, he could stay in Cleveland; face it, nobody even likes the Knicks. The damn Knicks don’t even like the Knicks, how else can you explain them putting Isaiah Freaking Thomas, a FORMER DETRIOT PISTON (of all people) in charge of their front office a few years ago. The allure of New York City? Come on man…. This is the NBA and Lebron James, not Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw.

The Clippers? No, not the Clippers… It’s bad enough that he has to live in the shadow of the great Kobe Bryant (until he gets some rings, that is) but do you really thinks he wants to play in the same city, in the same arena as dude on a team that is forever cursed?

The Nets? Same problem as with New York, but the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets are actually in worse shape than the Knicks have ever been, and realistically a good 4-5 years away from being competitive.

The Heat? Ok, there is some talent down there. Dwayne Wade is a beast for the Heat, but again, after him, what’s left? Yes, they have a more complete team than the Clippers, Cavs, Knicks and Nets, and a hell of a coach (Pat Riley is talking comeback) but I don’t see the egos meshing well down there. Wade already showed his ass in the media when he badmouthed the Bulls franchise and questioned their loyalty to former players (an argument that he lost, by the way) like a damn hypocrite (he’s from CHICAGO!). That alone shows my man’s shaky character, Lebron doesn’t want to play in that kind of atmosphere.

This brings us to the most logical choice. The Bulls. First of all, not only does Chicago have enough money to land two max salary free agents, but it also has a hungry, young squad that is only missing a consistent LEADER. Derrick Rose has emerged as likely the best G in the East short of Dwayne Wade and Noah has become a defensive and rebounding threat with improved scoring. Deng is always solid on defense, but lacks a consistency in scoring and would probably excel off the bench. Then there’s Taj Gibson, a nice rookie surprise last year who proved that he can not only defend, but also score from his role off the bench as well. 9.0 points per game on just over 26 minutes on the floor isn’t too shabby. Add to that another consistent bench veteran in Brad Miller and you have yourself a pretty solid nucleus of talent.

Remember how well the Celtics did in 2007 when they added two major players to a team who was just ok? Well, imagine adding a player like Lebron James to a team that already has a major player in place on top of another all star level player to a team that is already competitive, younger and with an even brighter future than the 2007 Celtics could EVER imagine. That’s a team with potential for 69 wins next season en route to their first finals appearance since 1998.

If I had to break down this potential Chicago squad head to head with the 2010 Lakers championship squad you would be hard pressed, as one with basketball knowledge, to not agree that Chicago would have a better team.

Reports came out today from the camps of Chris Bosh and Lebron James indicating that they just want to win are likely to join up to the team that is most ready to win, right now . Winning, my friends, is the most important aspect to a free agent signings. Legends aren’t created based on how much money they make, or what city they are in. Legends are born from WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS.

These guys have access to private jets, so they can visit any big city in the world that they want to, including to those with 80 degree winters. However, if a player like Lebron James (or Chris Bosh for that matter) wants to WIN right now and potentially for the next several years, the LOGICAL choice is easy.

Yes, the weather is nasty and the city’s baseball teams suck. But there’s a freshly polished Stanley Cup sitting in the United Center as well as 6 less than 20 year old banners flying high to remind you of our city’s championship heart… not to mention the best Pizza and Italian beef in the world… The logical answer is in Chicago, home of your 2011 World Champion, Chicago Bulls.

… and I DARE you to argue with me from a logical standpoint! – Show’Chi Drake

*Breakup Letter*

My Former Love,

I hope — you’re reading this alone. I decided to write this out to you, rather than do this on the phone. As you know, I articulate better when I type. This letter is to serve you notice, that you can no longer be my wife. You can no longer be my girl; we can’t even remain friends. I want my ring back now; this is where our relationship ends.

I expected this from other girls, but not from you, you were my queen. I’ve investigated many things, that I’m glad I haven’t seen. It’s funny— because I was true to you and loving to the core. Now I’m asking myself, how in world did I fall for such a bloody whore?

Not a whore literally, but you were mentally astray. I was down  for whatever, night, noon and every day. I was the one who soothed your pain; I was your everything. I was your knight in shining armor; Hell, I was your king!

I know you’ve made your choice; I just want to make things painless. Lose my number and address, and to me you will be nameless. I will never speak your moniker; I will never sing your praise. In fact, I hope you rot in Hell, and have traumatic days. I hope its just a phase and you LEARN from your ways…. nah– I take that back, I hope you die of AIDS! Your vision is so glazed, and yes, I’m so amazed… when will females like you discover that lying never pays?

I’m sorry; I kind of overstepped a boundary. I’d never wish death on anyone, no matter how dirty is their laundry.

I’m auditioning other girlfriends just like American Idol; I’m putting them through the tests of time, before I grace them with my title.  What I’m saying is that with you I’m done—- and this time it’s for good. I hope you enjoy you life alone, I’m off to Hollywood.

Sincerely Yours,


*Seasons Duel*

His gusting terror trespasses through the atmosphere,
Remnants from the not so distant memory of this incarnation old man Frost.
Spring wishes for independence and stabilization,
Yet her predecessor refuses to fade into oblivion.
Let this be the end, she demands with the firmness given to her by her mother.
No more severity, only compromise, please.
The specter of the December solstice refuses to yield.
A deal, I say.
Let us speak of a deal, as I ponder my position, as I give my lee too your way.
My days are much longer as I prepare early for my fade.
As Summer shall rise and my eclipse is full made.
Confusion strikes me, why do you not listen, for you have a full quadrant to freeze and torture and glisten.
Very well my friend, my brother, my foe. You may stay in some capacity, but soon you shall go.
Our sibling looms in the months that are coming, a deal must be made between him and I as well.
For his burden is greater, brighter and more hostile. Never a full life for me; no, it’s not possible.
So I will stand back in my position and allow you to wear out your welcome.
For when he rises, you will be forgotten, and may Mother Nature help him.

*Grand Gestures*

On my horse and carriage, white knighted out.
My destiny with you is what I’m about.
I have 6 dozen roses, and a heart full of adoration.
To re-sweep you off your feet is my supreme motivation.
It’s not about dreams; it’s about what’s real.
I don’t believe in settling, this is how I feel.
I’m heading your way with blue box from Tiffany.
I was going to let you go, and then I had an epiphany.
I need you to live, I need to breathe.
What we had was enchanting, magical indeed.
So please hear me out, feel your intuition.
If I was right there, right now, would there be a competition?
It’s not about me; it’s about what you really want.
I won’t continue to be quiet, so this is my response.
I love you with my complete heart and soul.
Marriage, kids, and family, with you is my goal.
The absolute truth is what I just stated.
This diamond is a symbol, and the ring is not plated.
Down on one knee, I’m begging you to choose.
Happily ever after with me, or with ‘just another dude.’
No disrespect, cause I don’t know this cat.
Flipside of that thought, do you see where I’m at?
Tell me the truth, do you love me too?
I think you’re just settling, based on the clues.
I’m here, right here, with tears in my eye.
Look me right in the face, you know I never cry.
Just give me an answer, show me a sign.
This isn’t rocket science, it’s accept or decline.
No more excuses; I’ve killed off the distance.
Marry me baby, and tell him good riddance.

Kill Switch

I wrote this along with one of my best friends, Amy C. last year. It’s a poem called Kill Switch… but it can be easily adapted to a song with the right beat. Enjoy.

Kill Switch

We’re on like electricity, hot like wild fires.
The passion is present, but you’re not embracing your desires.
It’s not going to be easy, and will probably never fade.
So let’s pretend we never happened, and forget the love we made.
Yeah, that’s right. Never speak on it again.
We can never be together, but it’s hard to be just friends.
I need a kill switch… to shut off these emotions.
These feelings, these thoughts and these ever loving notions.
I need a kill switch… to please set me free.
My love is uncontrollable, but she won’t be with me.
I need a kill switch.
Shut it off, lights out, pulling the plug.
Gentlemen never win no more; good girls always want a thug.
They always want a loser, a guy really who isn’t shit.
Some asshole that will curse her out, and won’t hesitate to hit.
She wants to fight, argue, then make-up-sex with no happiness in sight.
I’d rather make that steamy love, of two people who never fight.
I need a kill switch… to shut off these emotions.
These feelings, these thoughts, and these ever loving notions.
I need a kill switch….
To please set me free, my love is uncontrollable but she won’t be with me.
Kill switch….
We keep asking ourselves why? (When it should be why not?)
We know exactly what we need! (We know exactly what we want!)
Why don’t we be together? (I don’t know the answer.)
So if it’s right and if it’s true we should go with the flow…
Where we go together, we’ll never know… the possibilities are endless.
So tell me babygirl why-do-we-have-to-end-this???

I need a kill switch.
I need a kill switch.
I need a kill switch… to shut off these emotions.
These feelings, these thoughts and these ever loving notions.
Fuck it… just rip my heart out, I’m done.

Common Sense In Las Vegas

Promoting Common Sense in Las Vegas

If you ever pick up a piece of literature advertising the glory that is Sin City, the primary focus of the content is always about the fabulous nightlife. It’s always about the hot new club that costs $40 for guys to get in, but ladies are always free (until midnight that is, unless you‘re dressed like a whore and/or are willing to blow the lead bouncer in the restroom for entry). It’s always about the celebrity jackass who did something stupid on TV (usually on MTV, looking at YOU Jersey Shore cast) ‘hosting’ a night at these clubs, yet you (the average, non groupie consumer) never get a chance to shake their hand or have a dance with them. You just get to watch them drink a complimentary bottle of Cristal, while you pretend to be a baller, forcing yourself to smile while counting your change just after dishing out $300 for a $25 bottle of Skyy Vodka and some damn cranberry and orange juice.

It may have sounded like a boss move to make that night, and you may have gotten the attention of other shallow company seekers, but just because you’re in Vegas doesn’t mean you have to leave your intelligence card at home.

The people need to be put on game, for real.

It is for this reason that I always wanted to start my own Las Vegas oriented web site. Instead of focusing nearly exclusively on Vegas nightlife, my goal would be to emphasize the coolness of what Las Vegas has to offer before 9pm, as well as the obvious night scene, but my primary emphasis will be how to visit Vegas not push common sense aside.

Common sense case in point… our pool party situation. Vegas is quickly becoming pool party paradise. What better way to relax in 90+ degree weather than poolside, while sipping on a cool, exotic cocktail? The average visitor will immediately jump to the obvious, REHAB!!! Yeah, they’re on TV, it must be hot… and you’re right. REHAB is crazy fun, but how to execute your REHAB experience is what you really need to know.

No disrespect companies making their money where they can, but who with common sense wants to PAY to sit down on Sunday at the very same pool that just two days prior to this potentially expensive afternoon offered a FREE concert and FREE drinks with NO cover charge? No bullshit, the good people at, the hosts of these free events, can vouch for the validity of my statement.

Attending one of these so-called ULTRA pools on a regularly advertised weekend is highway robbery and not to mention VERY intimidating for someone to visit if they aren’t stereotypically the model type, which some of these establishments tend to discriminate against.

HOWEVER, for just a few extra minutes of their time, they can visit a pool just as lavish with less intrusive security, more friendly staff, cheaper (and in most cases BETTER) refreshments and *gasp* the ability to bring your own bottle, if needed.

Not to take anything away from George, the flare bartender at Harrah’s, but why can’t we shine some light on Jacob, the cat who works at Train Wrecks off Decatur, who doesn’t do flare antics, but would OWN George as far as making a quality Long Island Iced Tea and for a third of the cost. Did I also mention there’s no dress code in most places off strip and the music is often a lot better?

People need to know about these places.

Unlike NY, LA or Miami, Las Vegas not a naturally expensive town. You just need to know where to go to have your “VEGAS EXPERIENCE” and not be a damn fool when it comes to your party budget. Tourism is down because the perception of Vegas is that we’re a 5 star resort city with a crazy Nightlife and with crazy Nightlife comes with crazy spending. This is true, especially if you’re trying to have the “VEGAS EXPERIENCE” that they show on TV. Truthfully though, besides hotel expenses, I can show you how to have a GREAT weekend in Vegas for under $200.

Don’t believe me? Well, this is a gambling town. Bring your $200 and put your money where your mouth is… I do every weekend, except when I do, I’m eating food with my money, as opposed to eating shit.

Rock with me!