Lying together in bed, watching one of my favorite movies, Brown Sugar… it was the end of a great night that I would never forget.

I received an email a week earlier from Nita, a sweet girl from Seattle who had been living in Las Vegas for a short while. By the sound of her tone, she had some bad luck when it came to male friends in her life, and was looking for a new one. Naturally, I was happy to oblige.

She happened to be on my side of town one Friday afternoon, so I decided to forgo my lunch and meet with her instead. She sent me a text little bit after 1:00pm telling me she was outside my office, a Lexus dealership, and I quickly made my way to the parking lot to greet her. As I approached her silver Honda Accord, the vision of her figure came more into focus.

Nita had on a casual brown shirt, brown shoes and jean shorts that really highlighted her soft and luscious legs. She was a medium built, full figured woman and was breathtakingly gorgeous! Her eyes, lips and body was beautifully proportionate. We connected instantly.

The funny thing about the first encounter with Nita is that I don’t recall any of the conversation we had in detail. We joked around, had some small talk and discussed what I did for Lexus, as well as why she was completely on the opposite side of town from which she lived. All I know is that I was mesmerized by her voice. I wasn’t sure if she was a singer or not, but her tone was angelic. I couldn’t help but to continue to smile and gaze into the browns of her eyes. We only had about 45 minutes together, certainly not long enough for a deep conversation, so we agreed to continue our encounter later that night, at my Summerlin home. Before we went our separate ways however, we embraced in a full on passionate kiss goodbye. So passionate, in fact that it sent me back to my office not only with a smile, but aroused in anticipation of the night ahead.

Nita showed up at my house just after 8:30 that night. Positively gorgeous, now she wore a small, form fitting jean mini shirt, blue shirt and midlevel heeled sandals. I gave her a hug and invited her into my living room, just before offering her one of my signature drinks; a combination of cran-apple juice, Bacardi and Malibu coconut rum which I called a Showlucination. I quickly conjured up the beverage and joined her on the living room couch, where we restarted our session of small talk. As she finished her drink, she inquired that she’d like the grand tour of my house. I explained that due to only actually renting a room there, it wasn’t much– but the room was indeed large enough to resemble a studio apartment. That said, I could never deny such a beautiful voice’s demands, so we made our way upstairs to the bedroom.

She was greeted upon entry by my cat, who is always vocal towards my company. For a good while, she hadn’t been used to seeing anyone there other than my female sidekick Leilani, so Kitty made sure to say hello to Nita before hiding herself effectively in my closet. I didn’t prepare for a visit upstairs that night, so my bed was unmade. I pulled the comforter up to make it more presentable and turned the TV on, which Brown Sugar had been already been queued up in the DVD player. When I turned around to reface Nita, and proclaim, “So, this is my room!” she stood there before me, completely undressed, as I failed to notice she began removing her clothes as soon as we walked into the room.

Both of Nita’s nipples were pierced, which was new to me. She also had a small tattoo of one of my favorite Disney characters, Goofy on her right breast. At that time I had never been with a woman that had tats and nipple jewelry , so my excitement was strengthened upon that sight. As I stood in front of her feeling her smooth brown skin, and soft body, she loosened my pants and they fell to the floor. She cupped my balls and moved her hand from the base of my shaft to the head, massaging, and gently squeezing the firm tip. Like a gravitational pull, I found myself falling back gently onto my bed, with her right hand on my chest guiding me down which was followed by a sucking session that I could only be compared to the dramatics on camera caught by the good people at Vivid Video. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my toes curled. My body tingled and shook as she worked my knob with her hands, mouth and tongue. Never before have a felt such a great sense of oral satisfaction until this night. She continued for several minutes before I stopped her so that I could return the favor.

I began by kissing her lips, and her neck. I bit the lobes of her ears gently. I kissed her shoulders and chest. I sucked on both of her hardened, pierced nipples and played with her sexual jewelry with my tongue. I sucked on her stomach, and kissed on her thighs, then rolled my tongue slightly over her clit before making my way back onto her thighs, tonguing down her knees, calves and the arches of her feet. I even took the time to suck and lick each and every one of her toes before diving north and savoring her succulent flavor.

I licked her clit in a circular motion, at the same time using the bottom of my mouth to cover her entire princess galaxy. This way I was able to sop up all the fluids she squirted into my throat. I kissed and pleasured her hidden well with all my heart. My tongue stayed firm and active for nearly 40 minutes between her legs. Before I even thought of penetration I wanted to feel the vibration of her orgasms on my cheeks. I wanted to taste the warm explosion of her g-spot as my buds tingled her interior sensory.

As she climaxed, her legs tightened around my face. I smiled with a sense of victory as I kissed the insides of her thighs. As she released her leg grip from my head, I repositioned myself on top of her into missionary position. I kissed her lips to allow her to taste her own nectar, then penetrated deep into the very cavern in which my mouth had made its temporary home. Excited, I moved slowly so that I didn’t finish too quickly. I maintained proper arm posture so I could look deep into her eyes as I maneuvered in and out of her, giving her my every inch. Every time I sensed myself losing control, I would pull out and alternate penetration with gentle kisses to her clitoris and on the insides of her thighs.

I pulled her to a seated position then guided her to her knees. I gave the cheek of her ass a quick peck from my lips, then positioned myself behind her. I thirsted deep inside from her rear slow and steady, keeping rhythm with every jiggle of her backside. As I worked my magic, I glanced down to see a tattoo across her lower back of the Seattle skyline, with words reading Seattle’s Best above it. We may not have been talking about coffee, but at that very moment I pulled myself from her insides and effectively submitted a hearty dose of warm cream upon that very tattoo. I remained positioned behind her as I caught my breath, watching my warm semen trickle and spider down the sides of her back and between the cheeks of her behind. I fell down beside her, and I gave her a look. She smiled back, still on her knees in the doggie style position. She knew that had been one of the best lovemaking sessions I ever had. I rolled from the bed and grabbed a fresh hand towel from my laundry basket to gently wipe her down.

As I cleaned my friend‘s backside, I noticed several other tattoos on her body. A treble clef musical note on her shoulder, which confirmed my suspicion of her elegantly tuned voice and passion for music,  and a another Goofy on her on exterior of her left calf. Deep inside my heart, I was beginning to think that I found the perfect sexual partner and eventually, I would have to make her mine emotionally. The thought of potentially pursuing a relationship with Nita stimulated me on its own merits. So much that I found myself at full attention once more.

From my back, lying next to Nita, I began to lightly stroke myself with my left hand as I gazed at her. I took a couple of my right fingers into my mouth to moisten them, then gently inserted them in between her walls. I motioned them slowly and thoroughly so that I could feel ever ripple of her soft interior tissue. She then rose to a seated position, and took me into our mouth one more, but just for a moment. She wiped the corner of her lips with a single finger as she rose and stood over me. I admired her glistening goddess body as she began her descent, squatting over me and taking my manhood into her. She thrust her hips in a forward movement and again I could feel every sector of her coochie compound. I reached up and gripped the tips of each of her nipples as she navigated my penis with expert precision. She had a perfect angle of riding penetration that allowed the her fluids mixed with the cool air conditioning to really do a stimulation number on my raw, pulsating member. Soon, I turned her over on her back to resume the missionary position that we started the night in. We had come full circle, sexually as I pounded between her legs viciously until she began to climax from my fierce penetration. Shortly after she had reached the peak of her arousal, I finished as well.

At that moment, it felt as if I spewed my heart and soul into her, forever creating a emotional connection with my new friend. Exhausted, I fell out of Nita’s glory to lay beside her atop of my comforter on my bed. The cat, who had obviously waited for the commotion to end had also re-appeared from the closet and hopped on the bed between us.

Little did I know that this would be a preview of my life’s future. A beautiful woman and a loving pet by my side. Satisfied and optimistic, I reached over and pressed play, as the sounds and visions of Brown Sugar illuminated the remainder of our night. – Follow me on Twitter @Showtorious


MELINA – Warning: Adult Content

It was a mild Spring afternoon in Las Vegas when I met Melina for the first time. I had been speaking to her through email and text messages for several months beforehand and finally decided to take the first step in solidifying a real life friendship with her.
I’d been working for a local night club promotions company, so when selecting a public place to meet I took into account the atmosphere in which I would do so. Mind you, I had no intentions of being anything but just friends with her.  So when I offered to meet her while working on the oft impersonal Las Vegas Strip, I had no idea what kind of effect good conversation and the surprisingly seductive ambiance would have on her female emotions and my male instincts. We met at Harrah’s, a centrally located casino on the strip, surrounded by venues such as the Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, the Flamingo and Bellagio.
I pulled into a parking spot on the seventh floor of Harrah’s garage and began counting out club passes to load into my satchel for the work day. A few minutes later, a black Cadillac Escalade pulled up beside me. I knew it was her. I straightened my collar out, closed up my loaded bag and slipped my work shoes on in preparation to meet my new friend.
I stepped out of my Grand Am and waited by her door. Her blackout windows made it impossible to really get a good look at her, so I patiently waited. 20 seconds later, the driver’s side door opened and I caught my first glimpse. Her petite foot slid out of the door first. She has freshly painted French tipped toes, and wore brown open toed sandals. She stood about 5’3 and was perfectly thick from the ground up. She wore beige pedal pusher pants and a purple shirt, which perfectly accentuated her perfect 42 double D breasts. Her hair was reddish brown and her lips were thin, yet full at the same time. She wore a light gloss on them, which was one of my weaknesses when it came to women.  She also had big beautiful brown eyes that were hard not to become enchanted with upon contact.
“So, you must be…” she commented as I silenced her with my embrace. We hugged it out and then commenced our trek into forever.
As we walked through the Harrah’s resort, I felt there was some chemistry present, but just couldn’t put my mind on that particular level of friendship. I had just come out of a complicated short term relationship and I didn’t really care to pry about her current status. All I knew was for that day, at that very moment, it was just me and her: friends.
Hungry, and too distracted mentally to carry out my promotional duties, we slowly made our way across the street to the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops. They had just finished a multimillion dollar renovation, and given my occupation I thought it would be a nice place to get familiar with, take a walk through and have a snack while we continued our conversation.
At the furthest depth of the mall lies one of my favorite restaurants, the Cheesecake Factory. It’s one of my favorites not so much for the overrated dinner cuisine but for it’s namesake, the cheesecake! In some cultures I’m pretty sure that cheesecake is considered an aphrodisiac, but I digress.  That said, we decided to eat there. With great cheesecake however, sometimes comes a great wait. It was about a 15-25 minute wait before we could be seated.
Just outside the restaurant is an indoor aquarium that is built onto the rear of a theatrical statue show in the Forum Shops. It also doubled as a mall bench for those who waited for a seat at Cheesecake Factory. Melina and I made our way to the aquarium bench and had a seat. Our conversation was fluid and insightful. We spoke about work, our future goals, where we’d like to visit and even our dream house. At this point, I wasn’t sure which of my senses was stimulated more, my mind or my body, which was subtly excited by the quality of our outing. I had the inkling that she may had wanted to kiss me, but as a gentleman who was just looking for a friend, I continued to drift my eyes out of direct contact with hers and avoided fantasizing about her lips at all costs. The last thing I wanted her to think that I was some kind of pervert looking for a piece of ass on what was supposed to be merely a friendly meet.
We continued our conversation under the oceanic lights of the aquarium. There were miniature sharks and manta rays swimming around us, schools of goldfish gliding by. Melina even pointed out a clownfish that resembled Nemo from Disney fame. It was just a good time all around, then our eyes connected. My hand touched her knee, and she placed her hand over mine. The moment that I had hoped to avoid was about to happen. We leaned toward each other, lips partially opened, necks turning gently in opposite directions… then our moment was halted by the buzzing of our table-ready paging device; a timely interruption indeed. We quickly calmed our lustful inhibitions, exhaled and made our way to the podium to be seated.
One we sat down, Melina expressed to me that she wasn’t really hungry, but suggested we could split a piece of cheesecake, flavor of my choosing. I ordered old reliable, Oreo Cookies and Cream. Meanwhile, looking across the table into her eyes, I could see that she didn’t quite lose her appetite for everything.  Our connection had gone beyond the mental level, and I could tell that the night was potentially going to become more interesting.
I slowly ate bite by succulent bite, from cream cheese to crust to whipped cream. I happened to notice however, that Melina wasn’t eating any. I inquired if she wanted even a bite, and she declined, instead content on watching me take down the sweetness. I noticed her eyes watching my lips as I consumed the cheesecake from my spoon. I knew exactly where her appetite went. Taking advantage of a suddenly sexual moment, I began to eat slower. Looking directly into her eyes, I motioned my lips and tongue in a suggestive manner while eating the cheesecake from my spoon. I made sure to continue with complete eye contact. I knew how she was feeling, and I wanted to allow her to enjoy this moment as much as possible. Her mouth parted slightly as mine did while eating; her shoulders rose and fell in seemingly slow motion with every breath; it was almost as if I had omitted a pheromone, as by glancing at her now pulsating nipples through her shirt that she had entered a complete state of arousal. By that time though, she wasn’t the only one pulsating through her clothing.
After finishing dessert, we made our exit from the Forum Shops. There was almost a sense of urgency in our step as we made our way back to Harrah’s. My mind was fully engulfed into an erotic frenzy, though at the same time I knew ultimately nothing was going to happen. After all, I wasn’t that type of guy. The last thing I wanted was to overreact to a physical attraction that I really just wanted on the casual tip and potentially ruin the mental friendship connection that we had established.  I did however, begin to scroll through  my mental rolodex of potential targets whom I did not have a mental connection with, to release my juices within later that night. As I pondered that very thought however, I noticed that we were now holding hands and moving as a unit toward our vehicles; then it became clear… the mental rolodex would not be utilized that night, for Melina and I were destined to share a moment of unplanned intimacy.
Once we reached the cars, I began to hug Melina. That hug suddenly turned into a kiss, during which I caressed her perfect rear end… as I held her close, she clicked the unlock button on her truck and pressed me against the side of the vehicle. Her breasts pressed on my chest, as we kissed under the casino’s exterior lights. I held her even closer to me so that she could feel my throbbing manhood. After a couple of clothed pelvic thrusts, she back up slightly and opened the rear passenger side door, on which we were previously pressed against. She took my hand and we entered the fully tinted vehicle.
She slid in facing me with her legs over my lap as I sat in the rear passenger side seat. I took off her sandals and touched the soft sole of her foot. Knowing that there would be no time for a full toe sucking, love eating session, I shifted my focus to kissing her lips, and slowly made it down to her neck. She then removed her shirt and bra to reveal her perfect breasts. I immediately took her left silver dollar sized nipple my mouth and gave the right a firm squeeze as I sucked her massive mammary. As I slightly bit her left nipple, she arched her back in pleasure. As she did this, my right hand which was on her  right titty, found its way to the button on her pants, releasing it from its closed position. I reached below her exterior pants and into her panties, where I felt her perfectly shaved, nearly dripping wet  pussy. I slid my index and middle finger inside for just a moment. She moaned in approval. I removed my fingers, and inserted them into my mouth, so I could taste her au jus. As we watched me do that, her hands found their way into my pants. She had successfully unbuckled my belt and button to expose my fully hardened and blood pounding manhood. Without hesitation she leaned over, and kissed me one more time, before taking my dick into her mouth. It was easily the best oral sex I had ever had. She slid her mouth over me with a firm grip. As great as her lips felt on mine, they felt just as good soaking my penis down in a mixture of her saliva and my pre-cum. She stayed down there for a good while, caressing my manhood and tickling my balls but I stopped her as I didn’t want to end our night there. She wanted to cum that night. Looking into her beautiful brown eyes, I felt that she DESERVED to cum that night. I slowly pulled her mouth away from me, and pushed her backward, leaning against the opposite window. I then reached down and removed her pedal pushers completely. From there, I pulled her back into my direction and on top of my lap so that she straddled me and we could be face to face. Breathing in unison, we kissed as I slid my raw penis into her tunnel of love. I pulled her hips into me rapidly with authority to ensure she got 100% of my stroke. I felt every quiver of her soaking walls and every tremble of orgasmic bliss that she encountered. I felt her insides melt onto her thighs,  over my testicles and onto the seat of her car.  This was our moment of complete biological harmony; a mental, physical and spiritual session of spontaneous lovemaking.
All sessions however, cannot last forever… especially the great ones. As I stroked her insides with my throbbing and unprotected dick, she began a strong orgasm, that literally lasted several minutes. As she tingled and writhed upon me, I couldn’t help but to join the ecstasy. Like a sleeping volcano, I erupted and released my hot serum, uncontrollably spewing a fountain of  lust into my new friend, which in turn intensified her already rolling orgasm to new heights.
Following our simultaneous climax, I remained inside of Melina until my erection calmed to a halt. We sat in the car, smiling at one another. After we fully redressed and stepped outside to get a breath of fresh Vegas twilight air, we embraced one more time outside the rear passenger door of her car and said our goodbyes.
As I drove off, the smile remained on my face. I could not wait to be with her again; more importantly I couldn’t wait too see what the next step of our friendship evolution would be. – Thanks for reading, follow me on Twitter @Showtorious!

Made for Each Other (The Octomom Love Letter)

It’s okay baby girl; let them other people hate.
I will never disrespect you; I would like to be your mate.
I’d like to get to know you; I think we could be great.
Let’s have some more babies, create another eight.
I’ll be your CFO; I’m sure the people will be livid.
But that’s a million bucks; let’s take that offer from Vivid!
I’m pretty sure with my skills, money shouldn’t be an issue.
It’s okay, dry your eyes, here’s another tissue.
I love those fake lips and nourishing breasts.
I want to touch them thick hips, girl I think they’re the best.
I know deep down you already have a plan, play it close to the chest,
But feel free to tell your man.
My sweet baby girl, with 14 seeds; it’ll be at least 22 if she messes with me.
She already doesn’t work, but she’ll be my cash cow.
We got her loans and her WIC, man forget a wedding vow!
Let’s call ABC News and invite their whole team.
Let’s get a Home Makeover, take it to the Extreme!
It’s going to be a good life, just me and my Nadya.
She’s like Anglina Jolie, with bootleg purses by Pradya.
I’ll never leave my girl; as long as the checks keep coming.
She’s a marketing genius, so I’ll never be bumming.
Lay down baby girl; let’s start on our next litter.
If we make 30 kids, we’ll never be bitter.

Glass Ceilings & the Urge to Shatter Them

I’m hard on myself.

Yes, under the illusion of Mr. Cool, Calm and Collective is a man who is addicted to success and who hungers to be greater than what he is at any given moment.

My right arm has a large tattoo on on in Japanese. The symbol is called Kaizen, which means continuous improvement or, in other words to never settle. I’m a firm believer that sometimes to move forward, you need to take a couple steps back, just to put things in perspective. I joined my current employer back in March, NOT because I was struggling per say, but I knew that in order to sustain a decent level of living I would need to do SOMETHING other than collect small royalty deposits from my unpublished book and unemployment. (I was laid off from my previous employer on December 30, 2009) I also needed a form of group medical insurance because on the independent level, insurance costs a pretty penny, even to those with decent income.

To my desire, my first choice of employers offered me a job. It came with County benefits and a generous retirement package, as well as a promise that after I fulfilled six months on new hire probation I would receive a guaranteed ‘salary adjustment.’ The salary I was hired on at was explained to me as a base salary for all employees coming in on probation and that once six months had passed, and my review was favorable, I would receive an adjustment to the salary that I should be making. Therefore not a tradition 1-3% raise.

With this promise, I dedicated myself to delivering a great performance. I humbled my ego and I lowered my vocabulary to the level of a 5th grader to deal with this company’s regular clientèle. I also promised myself to to keep smiling through any hint of adversity, as within 6 months the adjustment to a lower level of living would pass. I even allowed this company to disrespect me by allowing them to use a variation of my birth name Wesley, instead of my business and other LEGAL name, Show’Chi. Instead of fighting for my freedom to be called what I desire, to uphold my professionalism, I created the character known as “Ley.” “Ley” would become the anti-Show, however my love of acting and the challenge of fine tuning my fictional performance acumen, “Ley” would eventually soothe my pain. The character helped me establish peace with my ego, as again this wasn’t for fun or passion, this is just work; a means to live my life a little easier with potential for rapid growth and stabilization. With my resume and experience, I felt the position will be very temporary as would the salary. So I figured, hey, if I’m going to act to please the ignorant clientèle and bosses, I might as well use a stupid name and character to keep myself smiling on the inside, and yes the character “Ley” will be included on my acting resume for future consideration, but I digress.

So I made my sacrifices and kept it moving. I went on to learn all the company’s processes and routes pretty quickly, and became a favorite in the company. As “Ley,” my customer service skill was outstandingly off the chain, and I would get praise left and right from all the general staff and management. Everything was going to plan, so when that “adjustment” to my salary came through my performance would hopefully generate a new precedence in growth.

Then, I started making friends.

Part of doing my homework included feeling people out on a professional tip; Seeing how their growth had come along and how can I improve on anything they did and everything I was doing. I also needed to learn about any political obstacles or puffery that may have been relayed in order to lure me into the company’s corporate grasp.

“Don’t trust anybody.”

“Everybody here is fake, and they’ll stab you in the back without warning.”

Okay, I thought to myself, this is the norm. It’s a corporate call center. ALL call center management and workers who actually enjoy their jobs are like that. I also discovered that the office snitch is very public about being a the office snitch, which was weird to me considering I used to work at that facade of an office known as Ford Motor Credit which was populated by several office snitches, but none of them were very public, unless they were in management.

One general consensus however, shook me a little bit, and it involved average “salary adjustment.”

One guy told me he pulls $19/hr, which is respectful as hell. Time on the job = 6 years.

A lady told me that this is her second tenure at this company. She was also on probation at the time, and that she was rehired at $3 LESS than what she used to make per hour.

Finally the straw that had me twisted was a member of management telling me off the record that the highest adjustment coming off probation was 3%. Suddenly, my mind backtracked.

I put up with an ill customer base, created a character so that I could come to grips with using a fake personality at work, work ALL weekends and kill the way I live my life or potentially COULD be living it had I NOT taken this job instead of holding out for something immediately more worthy for 38 cents MORE per hour?

I fucked up. I let my guard down and got suckered into settling for something in which the promises made were too good to be true, and if all my sources are accurate — they are. I’ve been kind of down on myself lately because of this. I feel like a jackass and a hypocrite. I have a household to take care of and a wedding to plan and I offset my financial goals by 6 months now.

Had I’ve known months in advance that this wasn’t going to go as planned, I would have skipped the position from the get-go, but no. The promise of a county job and the financial stability that writing doesn’t offer drew me like a moth to the flame.

By the way, to add more fuel to said flame, the position I took comes with an added dejection which I found out a few days ago. Something big went down, and 75% of the management staff were forced to either move to a different part of the company or take heavy demotions. I don’t know the whole story, but they are all being replaced. Up front, it sounds like a great opportunity for a promotion. HOWEVER, the boss’ boss contends that instead of opening the spots up internally to those with resumes that would fit the position and those with experience, he’s going to open it up to the PUBLIC DUE TO THE RECESSION, AND HOPEFULLY WE’LL FIND A FEW GEMS THAT WOULD HELP OUR CALL CENTER STAFF. Huh?

First of all, if you’ve never done this type of work before or have any experience on how to use the systems, how do you expect to manage or coach anyone who is under you? Furthermore, the ideal candidate will be likely be trained by a member of the existing staff who would work UNDER them. My thoughts: You’re joking, right?

That’s insulting to everybody on the floor working towards a promotion on several levels. Logically, the positions should be filled by the best existing workers who want the opportunity. Then, once they are in place, you hire entry level people to fill the peasant spots left vacant by the newly promoted management staff… Sheesh, I thought the management at FMCC was backwards. At least they DID promote/hire from a logical standpoint.

Bringing in new management who are completely unfamiliar with the job and having their staff train them shows NO confidence in their existing crew to do anything but be an underling for the rest of their tenure.

Those who choose to stay and settle for this nonsense get no respect. Me? I’m not in the business of building my own glass ceiling… I’m in the business of shattering them.

Free agency negotiations begin RIGHT NOW!

My Mindset

Wu-Tang told me to bring the ruckus, so I thought about what it’s like to be one of us.
Gifted individuals, lyrical spirits, operating independently upon our own merits.
Held down by corporate oppressors, lifers and lack of successors.
Non-believers and haters, and moral transgressors.
Who don’t give a damn about our true profession, and why must we use these terms of aggression.
No it’s not misbehavior, or random acts of defiance, it’s our passion for words that speak our alliance.
Let’s bring it back to words in a book or a journal, let’s keep it 100, lets spit knowledge eternal.
I don’t need a beat to justify my lines, I just want to prove to the world, that although I don’t rap
You can still appreciate my rhymes. I want you to feel me, my poetry is fundamental.
I want you to read me, and not be judgmental. I want you to think, and not just bob your head.
I want you to learn me and to quote what I said. My passion is here, it’s going to be everlasting.
I hunger is growing, and there’s no point in fasting. I plan on going in for seconds and thirds.
It’s like a Vegas buffet as I serve you with words.
It’s poetry baby, enough of this toiling, I’ve been wound like a snake, and I’m no longer coiling.
I’m jumping at you, loud and so crystal clear. Let’s make some noise now, please lend me your ear.
I want to be the voice that the radio fear, I want to bring thunder when my poetry’s near.
I think that you get it, let’s all rise and stand tall. This is a poetry storm, so to my writers I call.
Let’s do this thing, and smash the nay sayers, lets go get our dreams and conquer our prayers.
I’m confident in all of us as much as I love; this art that we share, our gift from above.
Together we’ll rise above all the nonsensical rubbish, the revolution will not be televised.
But it sure will be published.

-Showtorious (Originally Spoken)

Diary of a Mad Bulls Fan: Logical Free Agent Decisions

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a tradition of almost making it big. In other words, the Cavs has a tradition of LOSING. Basketball connoisseurs such as me, we know this. Hardcore fans and coaches know this. The league’s best player without a championship ring, Lebron James knows this. While it would be a great thing for the hometown star to bring a championship to the state in which he was bred culminating in the ultimate fairy tale career, logic isn’t on the side of that dream. For Lebron James also knows that fairy tales do NOT exist and by staying in Cleveland, all he would do is lose time.

Do you think that it doesn’t tear this man up to watch Kobe Bryant and the Lakers win every year? All the time it’s: who’s better Kobe or Lebron; Lebron or Kobe… well, the answer is simple. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league, hands down. If you want to argue, just look as his right hand. There are five rings on that bad boy. On Lebron’s hand, there are none.

Besides the obvious love of his home town, why in his right mind would Lebron want to actually remain a Cavalier? Seriously, I mean everybody loves Shaq, but even the Diesel knows when to hang up his shoes. He won’t be back, and the rest of that team? I already forgot the players; that’s how good the Cleveland Cavaliers are. It’s safe to say Mr. James will NOT be returning.

Where SHOULD he go? Well, let’s look at the contenders… or pretenders, depending on your basketball knowledge.

New York has talked a GANG of mess about them wanting Lebron in a Knicks jersey. Sure, they can pay the man; hell, they can pay him AND another top free agent a max contract, but after Lebron and that agent when else do the Knicks have to offer? This man is on the 8th year of his NBA career, he’s not interested in waiting another 2-3 years for that horrible Knicks franchise to build a squad around him and his perennial Scottie Pippen. If that’s the case, he could stay in Cleveland; face it, nobody even likes the Knicks. The damn Knicks don’t even like the Knicks, how else can you explain them putting Isaiah Freaking Thomas, a FORMER DETRIOT PISTON (of all people) in charge of their front office a few years ago. The allure of New York City? Come on man…. This is the NBA and Lebron James, not Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw.

The Clippers? No, not the Clippers… It’s bad enough that he has to live in the shadow of the great Kobe Bryant (until he gets some rings, that is) but do you really thinks he wants to play in the same city, in the same arena as dude on a team that is forever cursed?

The Nets? Same problem as with New York, but the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets are actually in worse shape than the Knicks have ever been, and realistically a good 4-5 years away from being competitive.

The Heat? Ok, there is some talent down there. Dwayne Wade is a beast for the Heat, but again, after him, what’s left? Yes, they have a more complete team than the Clippers, Cavs, Knicks and Nets, and a hell of a coach (Pat Riley is talking comeback) but I don’t see the egos meshing well down there. Wade already showed his ass in the media when he badmouthed the Bulls franchise and questioned their loyalty to former players (an argument that he lost, by the way) like a damn hypocrite (he’s from CHICAGO!). That alone shows my man’s shaky character, Lebron doesn’t want to play in that kind of atmosphere.

This brings us to the most logical choice. The Bulls. First of all, not only does Chicago have enough money to land two max salary free agents, but it also has a hungry, young squad that is only missing a consistent LEADER. Derrick Rose has emerged as likely the best G in the East short of Dwayne Wade and Noah has become a defensive and rebounding threat with improved scoring. Deng is always solid on defense, but lacks a consistency in scoring and would probably excel off the bench. Then there’s Taj Gibson, a nice rookie surprise last year who proved that he can not only defend, but also score from his role off the bench as well. 9.0 points per game on just over 26 minutes on the floor isn’t too shabby. Add to that another consistent bench veteran in Brad Miller and you have yourself a pretty solid nucleus of talent.

Remember how well the Celtics did in 2007 when they added two major players to a team who was just ok? Well, imagine adding a player like Lebron James to a team that already has a major player in place on top of another all star level player to a team that is already competitive, younger and with an even brighter future than the 2007 Celtics could EVER imagine. That’s a team with potential for 69 wins next season en route to their first finals appearance since 1998.

If I had to break down this potential Chicago squad head to head with the 2010 Lakers championship squad you would be hard pressed, as one with basketball knowledge, to not agree that Chicago would have a better team.

Reports came out today from the camps of Chris Bosh and Lebron James indicating that they just want to win are likely to join up to the team that is most ready to win, right now . Winning, my friends, is the most important aspect to a free agent signings. Legends aren’t created based on how much money they make, or what city they are in. Legends are born from WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS.

These guys have access to private jets, so they can visit any big city in the world that they want to, including to those with 80 degree winters. However, if a player like Lebron James (or Chris Bosh for that matter) wants to WIN right now and potentially for the next several years, the LOGICAL choice is easy.

Yes, the weather is nasty and the city’s baseball teams suck. But there’s a freshly polished Stanley Cup sitting in the United Center as well as 6 less than 20 year old banners flying high to remind you of our city’s championship heart… not to mention the best Pizza and Italian beef in the world… The logical answer is in Chicago, home of your 2011 World Champion, Chicago Bulls.

… and I DARE you to argue with me from a logical standpoint! – Show’Chi Drake

*Breakup Letter*

My Former Love,

I hope — you’re reading this alone. I decided to write this out to you, rather than do this on the phone. As you know, I articulate better when I type. This letter is to serve you notice, that you can no longer be my wife. You can no longer be my girl; we can’t even remain friends. I want my ring back now; this is where our relationship ends.

I expected this from other girls, but not from you, you were my queen. I’ve investigated many things, that I’m glad I haven’t seen. It’s funny— because I was true to you and loving to the core. Now I’m asking myself, how in world did I fall for such a bloody whore?

Not a whore literally, but you were mentally astray. I was down  for whatever, night, noon and every day. I was the one who soothed your pain; I was your everything. I was your knight in shining armor; Hell, I was your king!

I know you’ve made your choice; I just want to make things painless. Lose my number and address, and to me you will be nameless. I will never speak your moniker; I will never sing your praise. In fact, I hope you rot in Hell, and have traumatic days. I hope its just a phase and you LEARN from your ways…. nah– I take that back, I hope you die of AIDS! Your vision is so glazed, and yes, I’m so amazed… when will females like you discover that lying never pays?

I’m sorry; I kind of overstepped a boundary. I’d never wish death on anyone, no matter how dirty is their laundry.

I’m auditioning other girlfriends just like American Idol; I’m putting them through the tests of time, before I grace them with my title.  What I’m saying is that with you I’m done—- and this time it’s for good. I hope you enjoy you life alone, I’m off to Hollywood.

Sincerely Yours,